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    davidatlanta reviewed Dunes Resort Bars Over a year ago
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    It Is What It Is
    There really isn't that much more to say about this place. My friend Brian invited me here for Labor Day Weekend 2008 and before I agreed to go he described it as "kinda trashy, but fun." Well, he was absolutely right. The Dunes is a gay resort with a motel, pool, and huge dancehall housing several bars and a cabaret (although no drag shows, which I would have preferred over the lounge singers). DJ David Knapp and DJ Joe Gauthreaux both played, making each night lots of fun while I was there. The thing I found most entertaining (although I only observed) was that the basement of one of the motel buildings was converted into... well... a bath house. "Rooms" are available pretty cheap and you get a bed, a table, and an ashtray. If you don't want to splurge, most guys could actually be found out back in the woods. Yes. The woods. :) Go. Have fun. Just don't expect much (and bring your bug spray... it's amazingly useful even if you don't decide to get lost in the trees).