Swish Edition: The Tao of Black Spark

Post by GayCities Washington, DC, editor Scott Wallis

It’s The Black Spark, y’all. He’s become wicked infamous in the last few weeks, and on this episode of GayCities sponsored podcast Swish Edition we talk to him about his work, his cast and all the attention the films have been getting. The 20-year-old filmmaker is quickly taking the internet by storm with his unique series of dark, haunting short erotic films that show off his sex life complete with masks, creative camera work, perfect soundtrack, even more perfect bodies, and absolutely no holds barred. It’s so hot, we taped the interview naked. You don’t want to miss this one.

The Black Spark

Episode 119 is called, “The Tao of Black Spark,” and it should be listened to while wearing a blue bandanna tied across the bottom half of your face, making out with a few friends, and rolling around in a tangled mess of Christmas lights. You can stream or download the audio from that picture of me & Dale below, get the audio episode free from iTunes, or stream it with the free Stitcher Radio app. Oh, and we now have an Android app, too.

Note: Click the middle to stream now. Click the menu at the bottom left of the picture to download or share.

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