Holiday Shopping Drag Bag: New York City’s Sherry Vine

GayCities New York editor JJ Keyes is surveying America’s top drag queens to get a fix on their xmas gift wish list. He cornered New York’s Sherry Vine at the SAS “Love is in the Air” party.  

Sherry Vine’s Holiday Shopping Drag Bag:

1. Rock and Roll Bling from Patricia Field’s. Because I’m a whore but I still wanna shine!

2. Big blonde sexy wigs from, the masters of wig design!!

3. Go to any Ricky’s and make a whole drag basket for cheap–fishnets, lashes, gloss and lube (you never know!).

4. A gift certificate to Elmo restaurant. I don’t usually eat but when I do Elmo’s is my fav!

5. A membership to Club H (the best steam room in town – I mean, yoga class!!!)

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