Vote in Best of GayCities, 2010: Best Bathhouses?

You may think that one of the greatest contributions gays ever made to civilization was the concept of the bathhouse, but public bathing is actually nothing new. The Greeks disrobed without much fear of Hades. The Japanese saddled into their sentōs. And the Romans were glad to bump butts with gladiators. Where do you think the infamous quote, “Et tu, Brute?”, really came from?

So for the Best of GayCities, 2010: The World According to Gays we listed five of your favorite bathhouses (based on your reviews and number of fans). Now you get to tell the world which “bathhouse to spend all night” inspires your most hardened thoughts. Drop that towel and vote!


Le 456 Sauna LoungeMontreal

Clube 269Sao Paulo

Gym LouvreParis


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  • Gwm_travelling

    Babylon Bangkok at the top of my list!

  • guto30sp

    Actually, Clube 269 is now closed for good.