PHOTOS: Sexy San Francisco Santas Strip To Skivvies To Raise Money For AIDS

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Hundreds of half naked do-gooders gathered in San Francisco’s  Castro District for the 5th annual Santa Skivvie’s Run. Organized by Lookout Bar to benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the skivvies run is a San Francisco holiday tradition, with advance registration and fund raising alone totaling more than $50,000. The scandalous Santa skivvy run started in the AM with Santa’s village block party and continued with late into the frigid night despite the scant cladding of the revelers.

Scroll through our photos below for a holiday treat…

Photos credit: Georg Lester and DVpix

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  • Lycas7x

    I am just a few years ahead of these people. They are such an inspiration to staying in shape. It is worth while looking great and feeling that way. I stayed out of the breeding pool for almost twenty years because I didn’t want to get HIV. I met my first real lover at a fund raiser. We decided to end it. I was pursuing a teaching degree. I could just claim to be an activist with the numbers of teens at risk. I heard my buddy died a couple years after we went our separate ways.

    I think being fat is worse than being HIV sometimes. I know people strung out on drugs that need a meal and they have more sex appeal than me. There are things worse than death, assuming that is not the eventual outcome. Employment like mine was outlawed with the thirteenth amendment to the constitution.

    These people really have a zest for life. I am kind of pear shaped. I don’t know how you get blond and stacked. My wallet is tiny. It really is perhaps the most wonderful time of the year. Our lady friends went and got pedicures today after our children went back to their baby-daddies and we got stoned.

    Send your parents a snap-shot and they can put it on the bulletin board with the other greeting cards at church and they can tell all their friend how proud they are to have you as a son. Abortion; marijuana; same sex marriage.

    Everybody loves somebody sometimes. My mom told me that so it must be true. I told her I loved her once and she never said it back but she cried. That was the last time I saw her alive. People don’t ask to be struck down in the prime of life. Medicine has saved me. Medicine will fail me.