The Top 29 Things Pam Ann Hates About New York Fashion Week

8.    Lara “Gapped-Tooth” Stone, Nigel “Who Cares” Barker, Blake “Why?” Lively and Heidi “Aufwiedersehen” Klum. Yawn!

9.    Mercedes Benz. Remember it was the car Diana died in.

10.  Project Runway’s Gretchen Jones’ show in the dark?  Someone should tell her to turn on the lights and get over herself.

11.  Pretending to celebrate plus-sized models? FUCK OFF!

12.  Lot’s of tilted heads and pretentious air kisses.

13.  Residue of cocaine on every toilet seat at the Boom Boom Room.

14.  Dealers are way too busy.

15.  What’s inside Zoe Kravitz’s closet? Who gives a shit?

16.  Love Brandon Jacobs from the Giants comment on Gisele Bundchen: ‘”Stay cute and shut up.”  Couldn’t have said it better.

17.  Victoria “Bitch stole my look from Roland Mouret” Beckham and her I-hope-she’s- a-porker daughter Harper in matching Mui Mui plaids. Please someone shoot me—or them.

18. Project Runway for creating nauseating people like Christian Siriano.

19. Fashion editors coming up with absurd reasons for trends.

20.  “Maybe there’s some subconscious thing with the troops coming out of Iraq,” said Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. “There is a more positive spin on military, much more so than when we saw military after 9/11.”  Next we will be saying the “the wet look” was inspired by Whitney Houston’s death.

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