Naked Boys Singing Finally Getting Dressed And Going Home

After more than 12 years and 3,000 performances, the original New York production of Naked Boys Singing is finally throwing in the towel.

Er, we mean calling it a day.

The tres-gay show, which celebrates the male form in all its glory, is the second-longest musical in off-Broadway history after The Fantasticks and has spawned productions all over the world (including a few that were shut down) as well as a 2007 film version. It’ll continue its run at New World Stages until January 28.

With the coldsnap New York is facing now, though, don’t be surprised if there’s a little…shrinkage.


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One Comment

  • Max57 Astudillo

    Bring it to Calgary, Canada. It would be entertaining and another step to educate the public with good humour and to erradice homophobia. The Man body has so long been neglected and sterotyped as plain, in comparison to the women curvy shape. Good work!!