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  • Lmdoane55

    Is uber excited to be going to the OUT100 awards tomorrow in NYC!!!

  • Sarah johnson

    Hi,everyone.Am Sarah Johnson.Am from thunder bay in Canada but i live and work in the united kingdom.Am a banker and also a member of the big heart foundation.We are having an all gay party  on the 20th of next month and am inviting you guys.I bet that you will have all the fun you have never had in your life.If you wish to join in on the planing of the party and wish to be our representative in your community.We are planing to party in over 56 community in the state and your community maybe part of that list.For invitation and how to join the planing committee,or for more details email me on
    [email protected]
    Sarah Johnson

  • Lj69_pr

    I Havent work at the bar in a good while wow

  • kelly michaels

    Im Lisa Jennings gay x boyfriend