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Pabllo Vittar talks travel, staying fit, and her new adidas Pride collection

Pabllo Vittar
Pabllo Vittar sports some of the items from their new Adidas Pride collection.

In a lively conversation with the ever-glamorous Pabllo Vittar, the globally renowned Brazilian drag queen and pop star, we delved into the inspiration behind her new Pride collection for adidas, her passion for travel, and how she stays fit on the go. Known for breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope, Pabllo’s collaboration with adidas is no exception.

Pabllo’s collection stands out for its unique celebration of LGBTQ+ pride. Rather than relying on the traditional splash of rainbow colors, she opted for a more fluid and organic look.

“The main thing that inspired me when making this collection was to show that we are a plural, giant community and that as individuals we often don’t stick to just one ‘color,’ you know?” she told GayCities. “We are fluid and diverse beings, which is why the idea was to use all the colors of the communities’ flags in a more organic, fluid way, without too many constraints.”

The theme of body confidence is central to the collection. Her designs are not just about aesthetics but also about empowering individuals to feel good in their skin.

“One of the messages I also wanted to express with this collection is that confidence comes from inside, you know? And what we wear reinforces that! I tried to create a collection that looks good on all bodies and brings that spirit of confidence to everyone!”

Maintaining her stunning physique is no small feat, especially with her hectic travel schedule. Pabllo emphasizes the importance of fitness in her routine, even on the road. For her, staying fit is about making the most of the resources available, wherever she might be. Keeping fit while traveling can be a challenge, but she is dedicated.

“I love training and exercising!” she said. “Frequently, my travel routine prevents me from doing the workout I’d like, but whenever I can fit it in, I go to the gyms in the hotels where I stay and do a nice workout!”

Performing on stage requires a rigorous preparation routine. Music fuels Pabllo’s high-energy lifestyle. Right now, she’s hooked on Anitta’s “Funk Generation” album for her gym routine, travel soundtrack, and show prep. The two Brazillian pop stars were featured guests at Madonna’s concert stop in Rio and are frequent collaborators.

“I have a very well-structured routine of training and eating. It changes throughout the year, so I have the physical preparation each type of show needs.”

With a demanding schedule that sees her performing from Brazil to Los Angeles, Pabllo knows a thing or two about traveling comfortably. For someone constantly on the move, comfort is key.

“To stay comfortable on the plane, I’d suggest a super oversized sweatshirt with a hood, a basic T-shirt, cute socks, and a good pair of adidas on your feet.”

Miami holds a special place in Pabllo’s heart and tops her list of favorite vacation spots. But of course, she recommends that readers visit Brazil. The country’s vibrant culture and stunning scenery make it a must-visit destination.

“I miss the city and my friends who live there! It’s been a long time since I last visited,” she shares. “But if it’s your first time in Brazil, I’d recommend spending a few days in Rio de Janeiro!”

With so many achievements already behind her, what’s next? She prefers to savor each day for its uniqueness.

“I like to live in the moment and make the most of it! In the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to be on stage with Madonna and Karol G, two music queens. Now, I’m launching this global collection with adidas, and there are still a few more things happening until the middle of the year! So stay tuned because there’s more cool stuff coming your way!”

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