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Strike gold at Puerto Rico’s hottest oceanfront luxury resort: Dorado Beach

A crowd of people toast each other around a long table with fine linen and china dishes on it. They are outside under palm trees.
There’s no better place to toast your friends and have lunch than oceanside underneath palm trees.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

And if you’re looking for a luxurious tropical vacation without using your passport, the Dorado Beach resort, a Ritz-Carlton reserve outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the perfect spot. Nestled against the Atlantic Ocean, the 50-acre retreat is situated on the former Rockafeller estate—and it shows.

With a serene coastline, private residences, expansive suites, two golf courses, and a serenity spa unlike any other, Dorado Beach offers the ultimate in luxury relaxation.

Every guest is greeted upon arrival with a warm hand towel and a flute glass of champagne, but when you get to your room, you’ll immediately notice the indoor and outdoor showers, the cold plunge pool, and the sheer size of the accommodation.

Explore the elaborate pools and quiet nooks under the tropical canopy, or take a golf cart to explore the beach and peek at the multimillion-dollar villas that dot the grounds. But make sure to include time to enjoy the resort’s enormous spa.

A view from inside a spa of a large quiet pool. A large brown decorative container is in the foreground while pillared alcoves line the sides of the pool
The quiet meditation spot at the resort’s spa is perfect for relaxation and a massage.

Nature is woven into the five-acre sanctuary’s wellness DNA. Treatments are performed amidst the treetops and in pavilions hidden off meandering paths. An infinity reflection pool overlooks a pineapple garden, tropical outdoor gardens for soaking abound, and indigenous ingredients are used in hand-crafted body scrubs and massages.

In the past, communities on the island had healers known as “Manos Santas” or “Healing Hands.” Spa Botanico continues the tradition of combining wild plants and herbs with the capable hands of their talented healers.

The Atlantic Ocean stretches to the horizon with a shallower pool protected by large rocks in the foreground. A palm tree is on the left side.
A secluded cove is perfect for relaxing with the Atlantic Ocean just steps away if you want a little more adventure.

But what tropical vacation would be complete without a beach?

The Atlantic Ocean rubs up against Puerto Rico’s northern coast, while the Caribbean Sea is to the south. While the ocean has higher waves and a more tumultuous vibe, Dorado Beach’s sheltered pools allow the waves to crash against them dramatically, keeping the water smooth and enjoyable.

And while you’re enjoying being outside in nature, be sure to check out the resort’s daily night walk or the stargazing session that follows. Both are timed with the Global Earth Hour initiative.

There’s also an 11-mile nature trail that winds around the resort. Walk, bike, or take a golf court, but there’s a fun run for the adventurous and athletic.

A view of one of the pools at Dorado Beach. A palm tree stretches out over it and others line the edges. Even space and a restaurant surround it.
One of the pools at Dorado Beach is perfect for sunbathing and cooling off.

If the beach isn’t your style, Dorado Beach offers two swimming pools and plunge pools for suites. There’s also a family-friendly waterpark where young ones can have fun in a safe environment.

While the intimate and exclusive perks at the resort don’t come cheap, sometimes you have to splurge on yourself. If you’re feeling particularly generous, bring a partner or friends. It’s a popular wedding destination too.

But in the end, do it for yourself. You deserve some time away from it all.

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