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6 hidden gems for LGBTQ+ travelers who want a beach getaway

When was the last time you enjoyed digging your toes into the sand of an undisturbed beach with the promise of incredible food and exciting adventures around every corner? For the seasoned LGBTQ+ traveler sick of the packed beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Rio, here is a collection of hidden gems to visit on your next vacation.


Gorgeous beach bungalows surrounded by crystal clear water. Photo via

The collection of French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific is rich with culture, cuisine, and most importantly, crystal-clear water and soft, warm sands. Whether you’re in the mood for an afternoon of scuba-diving for sunken treasure, sipping cocktails on the beach, or an evening of dancing and drinking, you will find a laid-back and welcoming environment. 

Matira Beach

One of the worlds most beautiful beaches F756+GR9 · Bora-Bora, French Polynesia


If you’re looking up an example of a ‘quintessential beach,’ a million pristine photos of Matira Beach would come up. With the softest sand, turquoise waters, and endless tropical cocktails, you’ll never want to leave. Though it’s a popular spot for travelers and locals alike, there’s plenty of room to have your own stretch of sand.

Tahiti is at the top of our list because of how safe and welcome LGBTQ+ travelers are, and of course, you can’t beat the quintessential tropical vibe. Sometimes, when you go on vacation, you want it to look like the movies: coconut daiquiris, fresh fruit stalls offering ripe mangos, and a sense that you could lose yourself entirely listening to the serene lapping of the ocean waves. The shimmering islands of Tahiti offer travelers a tranquil retreat from the fast-paced world outside, and when you’ve explored one, there are over 100 more to visit! 

Sea turtles and sexy snorkelers


Sea turtles and snorkeling Windward Islands


This beach is an amazing place for swimming and sunbathing and a nature preserve full of rare tropical birds, majestic sea turtles, and colorful fish. Get your snorkel gear and sunscreen ready; the day will fly by!

Two handsome men hold hands as they stroll down a tropical boardwalk. Photo via Photo by Helene Harvard

Marriage equality and gender diversity are hallmarks of Polynesian heritage. Within the culture, there is a gender widely recognized and referred to as Mahu – individuals who embody both the masculine and feminine. Another gender, Raerae, refers to someone assigned male at birth but who identifies as a woman. Understanding and accepting gender diversity offer strong pillars for an accepting and loving community. 

Tereia Point

Lovers beach Bora-Bora, Leeward Islands


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more scenic and romantic location anywhere in the world. The breathtaking water is so clear and shining that it’s just begging you to jump in, while the calm shores offer a tranquil spot to lounge and relax.

Whether celebrating a marriage, honeymoon, or even simply a well-deserved vacation, Tahiti will welcome you as if you were coming home.  

Brighton, UK

A packed beach on a sunny day with the pier stretching behind. Photo via Visitbrighton facebook

On the other side of the world, far away from the tropical air, there is a gay beach town swimming in history, queer culture, and a fair few sandy cruising spots.

Brighton is the UK’s gay capital, offering an exciting and charming experience for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy a stroll on the sandy beaches between piers where restaurants, arcades, and clubs are sprinkled along the shoreline. Brighton Beach is the most popular spot for sunbathing and even has a clothing-optional section for those who like to bare it all! 

A little bit naughty

Brighton Naturist Beach

Take a naked dip before an evening out 106 Chichester Terrace · Brighton, United Kingdom BN2 1EN


Pebbled beaches and plenty of buns dapple this popular clothing-optional beach. Brighton is well known for its vast and inclusive LGBTQ+ scene, and this stretch of Brighton Beach is the perfect representation. After sunbathing your bits, stroll over to the pier for a snack and some fun!

Duke’s Mound

Notorious hookup spot England BN2 1EN


All the locals know about Duke’s Mound as it is the most famous gay hook-up beach in Brighton. With gentle lapping waves during the day and a slew of cars and beach blankets full of canoodlers at night, just flash your headlights if you want some action.

South America’s most welcoming country

Gorgeous white natural building overlooking a stunning coastline. Photo via shutterstock

This stunning tropical paradise deserves far more attention from world travelers looking for a serene escape. Since 1934, there have been laws protecting the LGBTQ+ community, and because of cultural inclusion, it is widely considered the safest and most welcoming country in South America. Offering a change of pace and streets full of color and passion, there is no shortage of things to do on your trip. Whether you want to spend all your time combing the beaches for shells and hotties or venture inland for a wine tasting or six, this tranquil Shangri-La will become your home away from home.

Chihuahua Beach

Clothing- optional LGBTQ+ beach Maldonado Department 20004


Get ready to show some skin and soak up some rays! About twenty minutes from the city center, this LGBTQ+ clothing-optional beach is a dazzling stretch of golden sand and refreshing, crystalline lagoons. Most men congregate near the far-right edge of the beach, facing the ocean where the views are oh-so enticing.

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