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WATCH: Steve V. Rodríguez on packing for a vacation with benefits

Steve V. Rodríguez chatted with GayCities about how to prepare for travel— especially when that may include intimate encounters. The co-founder of TAGS (Talk About Gay Sex) podcast offers a sex-progressive perspective, whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, on an LGBTQ+ cruise, or on a group itinerary.

The key? “Communication, communication, communication.” Rodríguez says the best way to manage expectations is to have those conversations (with yourself, loved ones, or friends) before you travel, so no matter your choices, you’re better prepared to have consensual fun.

Rodríguez splits his time between New York City and Puerto Vallarta and is gearing up (literally — he loves jock straps) for the Red Light District, an adult-only, off-shore experience at VACAYA’s Mexico resort takeover from October 29 – November 5. Without judgment, he shares his thoughts on all different kinds of adult fun… and how to respond when you run into last night’s fling at the breakfast buffet.

Red Light District Boat

First-of-its-kind adults-only play boat

Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta

Gay Puerto Vallarta

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