Swish Edition: Real World Brooklyn’s Scott Herman

Post by GayCities Washington, DC, editor Scott Wallis

This week on the Swish Edition podcast, we chat up Real World: Brooklyn star Scott Herman. He’s straight, a fitness expert and a huge LGBT ally. He tells us how he plans to keep the pounds off his incredible butt during the holidays, and how you can too.

Meanwhile, we chat with the author of the naughty tell-all, Boy Does World: Fifteen Years of Bad Behaviors, Bad Attitudes, and Happy Endings, Sean Bugg, the publisher of D.C.’s Metro Weekly. Who knew he had such a colorful past? We’ll get into it with him.

Sean Bugg, Boy Does World

In addition, we bring you the latest on Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga; explain why airport pat downs are a part of the great homosexual agenda; break down People Magazine‘s Sexiest Man Alive; ponder why DC has no love for Skype weddings; criticize the Oscar host; and introduce you to our newest Swish Edition columnist, clinical psychologist Dr. Gregory Jones.

Join Dale, Scott, Jason & Sean for Episode 110. We are calling it Boy Does World, in honor of Sean’s fun book.You can stream the episode or download it from that picture below. You can also get it free from iTunes.

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Photos courtesy of  respective subjects