Swish Edition: The Legendary Chi Chi LaRue

Post by GayCities Washington, DC, editor Scott Wallis

What do you get when you cross adult film super-director, deejay, and drag diva Chi Chi LaRue along with our regular dose of gay hilarity? A double-dose of sexual misadventures!

We caught up with Chi Chi on the Ft. Lauderdale set of her latest movie and chatted about her recent whirlwind tour of Paris, Berlin and London; her favorite stars (Swish Edition‘s friend Brent Everett); how she pinked-up Los Angeles when she opened her own retail store in West Hollywood (named Chi Chi LaRue’s, natch). Finally, we let you know why you get both a chuckle AND a woody from her latest porn offerings.

When she’s not opening a store or filming sex, Chi Chi gets around LA quite a bit. She is a sucker for Tender Greens in West Hollywood; goes bananas for the sushi at Fat Fish; DJ’s twice a month for Here Lounge‘s Stripper Circus.

In this episode, we also talk about Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton, the “Glee” kiss shocker, Best of GayCities, 2010: The World According to Gays” (yup, we entered…but we know we can’t win that awesome trip to Berlin, dangit!) and bring you the top news of the week from Metro Weekly‘s Sean Bugg.

This week is Episode 107—we call it “Wrap It Up,” in honor of Chi Chi’s continuing mission to spread the safe-sex message. You can stream the episode or download it from that picture below. Get it free from iTunes.

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Photos courtesy of ChiChiLaRue.com.