5 deliciously queer parties in Mexico City you need to know about

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Mexico City is basically the capital of Latin American nightlife; Its gayborhood’ Zona Rosa’ is 24 blocks of flamboyant fun. But like in most cities across the globe, the most sought-after happenings won’t be found at your local gay bars or have anything to do with the venues they take place in. Curated weekly or monthly events are the lifeline of queer social calendars, but travelers often miss out on these parties abroad because they won’t be found on TripAdvisor or Yelp, baby! Luckily for you, we know gays in all the right places. Here are five parties in Mexico City you need to know about. Consider us like your tipsy fairy godmother of clubbing, except when the clock strikes twelve, it means it’s time to leave the house.


If the name doesn’t catch your attention, their logo of a man touching his crotch while smelling a shoe should do the trick. Pervert is a traveling underground party that prides itself on fuzing art, sexuality, and nudity with the best disco, house, and techno. But long story short, it’s a shirtless circuit extravaganza. Muscle queens will still feel right at home, but it’s not your typical abs-fest. So don’t be afraid to get lost in a sea of diverse bodies, horny intentions, and the freshest Latin beats. Dark rooms included.

Disco + Fetish Thursdays

Disco + Fetish is undoubtedly an equation that will result in good time. Your Thursdays will get a whole lot thirstier partying at Disco Fetish, a weekly party with sex appeal, strobe lights, and a diverse crowd. It’s not your typical circuit party crowd, per se (keep your shirt on), but its atmosphere welcomes all to come dance and celebrate life, which is basically the agenda of the gays. We don’t know if it’s this particular party or us, but the vibes call for aggressively making out with a hot stranger on the dance floor.


From Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta, Jubileo hosts some of the most glamorous parties year-round, including the Latin America Pride Fest and the Sunland NYE festival. The producers collaborate with the gayest brands, seductive venues, and renowned electronic DJs. It’s a production company that knows precisely what the gays want and then gives us even more. We’re talking about disco balls, smoke machines, acrobats, performances, and go-go boys with all the right muscles and moves. If electronic music is your game, then Jubileo bashes are where you want to play. 


If you need some consistency in your calendar, use Guilt as your North Star for unabashed fun. On the exterior, it looks like a large townhouse lit up with purple lights; inside, it’s one of the most fun gay parties you’ll find in Latin America. Yes, Guilt is the name of the multi-floor venue, but it’s only open Thursday to Saturday from 11 pm to 5 am, always featuring beloved DJs, lyrical music you can sing and dance to all night long, and a medley of dancers, including some getting their groove on with a 9-inch strap-on. Smokers rejoice because you can enjoy a cigarette with your cocktail here – just be sure to go to the top floor. 

Sungay Brunch

The gays congregate to fight Sunday Scaries with vodka sodas and serving lewks. Sungay Brunch is not your typical mimosas and chitchat, honey, but where the gays in Mexico come to finish their weekend with a bang, perhaps leading to banging, too. It’s an event to see and be seen, after all. It brings the queer community to socialize and get to know each other beyond the torsos and strobe lights of typical nightlife. This is a party for creatives and exudes that energy. The founders are also the gays who run the nocturnal playground Sic, so you know things are about to get weird in all the best ways. 

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