The Nomadic Boys highlight the best of gay Greece

If you’ve been following all the hype around “Song of Achilles” on #BookTok you might also be inspired to live out your own gay love story in Greece.

From the exciting gay parties held on beautiful Mykonos to the rich history of the capital Athens (and of course the many sexy hairy Greek men!), there are so many ways for gay travelers to enjoy Greece, either as a couple, solo, or with friends. 

If you’re anything like us then the two Mamma Mia! Movies were enough to whet your appetite for the pristine beaches of Greece. Then, of course, there’s the mouth-watering food (not to mention the mouth-watering men!) to devour. All of this combines with an ancient culture that has influenced so much of our modern world. Really, there are so many reasons to visit Greece.

These are our top five highlights of Greece for gay travelers, with not-to-be-missed destinations and events to enjoy. We’ve visited Greece on multiple occasions and spent plenty of time searching out the best destinations and experiences for gay travelers to have a ball, whether you are into history, architecture, romance, or pure fun! 

1 – Gay Beach Parties on Mykonos Island

We love the gay scene of Mykonos. It is the gay capital of Greece with some fabulous gay bars in the main town area (the Chora) and multiple gay beaches that always seem to have a party vibe. There are also some gay beach clubs to hang out at, along with more secluded beaches where visitors are likely to be sunbathing au naturel!

Of course, everything gets pumped up to 100% in August, when the XLSIOR gay festival takes place, with exciting parties and LGBTQ+ events throughout the island. Around 30,000 people from all around the world descend on the island for XLSIOR, to connect over music, love, and, Speedos! Not only do you get to enjoy one of the most stunning islands in Greece, but your trip will be filled with awe-inspiring music events at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues.

We spend most of our days in Mykonos nursing a hangover sunning on Elia beach or at Jackie O’s really cool gay beach bar then at night heading into the gay bars in Chora and dancing with our glorious LGBTQ+ family. 

Whilst XLSIOR runs for a week during August, any time you visit Mykonos between June to September it will be full of parties and gay guys! 

Mykonos is also an ideal jumping-off spot to visit some more of the nearby islands, particularly Delos – the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an open-air museum.

2 – Visiting the Acropolis in Athens

No trip to Greece is complete without a stop in the capital of Athens, and all travelers to Athens must visit the Acropolis!

The Acropolis is the rocky outcrop that rises above the rest of the city and is home to a number of ancient (and very important) buildings, most of which date from around the 5th century BCE. The Parthenon temple is probably the most famous building on the Acropolis, once dedicated to the goddess Athena, patron of the city of Athens. 

Along with the Parthenon, there are many archaeological remains to explore on the Acropolis, as well as a museum located on the southern slope of the rock. If you are at all interested in Greek history, then you will be in rapture while exploring the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. Our big tip is either to go first thing in the morning before the coach load of crowds arrive, or at sunset just before closing – which will be quite busy but made up for the unique sunset over this magnificent monument.

The gay scene of Athens is also worth checking out. It is mainly based in and around the Plaka neighborhood. We loved having pre-drinks at Del Sol as well as the city’s official Bear hangout called “Big Bar”. Almost everyone will end up at the Sodade gay club at some stage in the evening. Athens also has a gay beach to check out and a few saunas like Alexander and Flex.

Del Sol Cafe

Cafe & bar 44 Voutadon · Athina 118 54
(210) 341-8169


Athens’ first bear bar Falaisias 12 · Athens, GR 118 5
(694) 628-2845

Sodade 2

Stylish gay club with two dance floors Triptolemou 10 · Athens, GR 118 5
(210) 346-8657

3 – Exploring the Stunning Island of Santorini

There are between 1,200 and 6,000 islands (depending on your definition of an island) in Greece, with 227 of these inhabited. This can make it difficult to decide which ones are the best to visit, especially if you’re short on time.

In our humble opinion, you should head to Mykonos if you want to experience an island with a fabulous gay party scene, and to Santorini for the quintessential views of pretty white houses with blue roofs that are so famous in Greece. Santorini is also very romantic, as it’s one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, so this is where we love to come for a secluded couple’s holiday where we can focus on each other – and those views!

Santorini’s unique landscape is due to it being located on part of a caldera – a hollow formed by a volcanic eruption, in fact, one of the largest volcanic eruptions ever recorded. Don’t worry though, this Minoan eruption occurred about 3,600 years ago and there isn’t much volcanic activity these days.

Volcanic activity is also responsible for the fascinating beautiful beaches on Santorini, which can be red, white, or black. Romantic couples’ activities include volcanic mud facials, visiting local wineries and gazing in awe at the sunset from on top of the gorgeous cliffside villages.

4 – Road Trip Around Crete

While we’ve already waxed poetic on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, we feel we would be remiss if we didn’t also suggest that you visit Crete, the largest island in Greece and an absolute stunner!

Since Crete is located right near the bottom of Greece getting close to Africa so the climate here is incredible. In our opinion, it’s so glorious here that you could even visit in the off-season and still enjoy warmer weather. Crete is also quite mountainous in the middle so there may even be snow on the mountains throughout the year, while the beaches are still sunny, especially on the south side of the island. Crete also receives the most sunshine in all of Greece so it’s a great spot for working on your tan.

Since Crete is so large, we think the best way to explore is by hiring a car. There are public bus services across the island but for ease and speed, we prefer to drive ourselves. Then you have access to all the fun activities on offer in Crete, from hiking through the stunning Samaria Gorge, lazing on the beaches, scuba diving, and exploring the ancient palace of Knossos (where the minotaur was supposedly held in a labyrinth according to mythology).

Crete has a small gay scene to check out largely centered in the small town of Hersonissos where you can find the island’s sole gay bar called Y.O.L.O. Crete also has a few gay and clothing-optional beaches including Kavros, Saradari, and Kommos.

5 – Romantic Sunsets in Nafplio in the Peloponnese

Nafplio is a city in the Peloponnese region (the southern peninsula) of Greece that’s very popular as a weekend destination with local gay travelers from Athens, as well as visitors from around the world.

It only takes around two hours to drive from Athens to Nafplio, which is sometimes called the most romantic town in Greece. With a beautiful old town area, plenty of charming cafés, three castles and lots of gorgeous beaches there is certainly much for couples to enjoy together. 

Head to the beaches of Michanikou and Karathona to socialize with the local gay community, who might be able to give you tips on more gay events or places in town. There aren’t any gay bars in Nafplio but everywhere is welcoming to all as this is such a popular tourist spot in Greece.

Architecture buffs, in particular, will love exploring the narrow Venetian alleyways, marveling at neo-classical mansions, and spotting Turkish fountains throughout the city. No trip to Nafplio is complete without a trip to the 15th-century Venetian Bourtzi Castle in the harbor, but head up to Akronafplia’s Castle for the most romantic sunset view over the harbor and bay.

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