PHOTOS: 7 extraordinarily beautiful ordinary men from around the world

Dan from Bogotá

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Elska Magazine, we’ve hand-picked these seven photographic subjects for your viewing pleasure. Editor Liam Campbell has generously agreed to share them exclusively with GayCities along with a bit of behind-the-scenes commentary on some standout moments.

Year One – Temelalj C – from Taipei, Taiwan

My trip to Taipei was incredibly formative for my Elska career. It was the location for the fifth edition of Elska since the first four issues sold well enough for me to afford a long-haul flight (from my former home in London). One of my closest friends happened to find a very cheap ticket to Taipei and suggested it, adding that it’s known as the gayest city in Asia.

I was excited to take my Elska project outside Europe for the first time and to discover a new city. I was also grateful to meet guys like Temelalj who taught me that Taiwan isn’t just populated by exiles from the communist revolution in the PRC, but that there’s an indigenous Taiwanese community that frequently gets ignored. He appreciated the opportunity to use Elska as a way to share his story and give more visibility to his community.

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