Top 5 most beautiful places to celebrate Pride in the US

Pride celebrations are a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer days and nights.

Whether at world-famous events like New York and San Francisco, which bring in hundreds of thousands of partygoers each year, or small-town events that have a few folding tables and a stereo for a party in a park. (…and those small-town pride parties can be a lot of fun!)

As Pride festivals get bigger every year, and take up more space, there are several festivals that use their beautiful host cities as stunning backdrops for their events.

Here are five of our favorite Pride celebrations in the US, where enjoying the scenery is just as fun as the festivals themselves:

#5 – Capital Pride, Washington, DC

Capital Pride in Washington, DC features several days of parties, concerts, and community rallies, all culminating in the parade and festival on the weekend of June 11 and 12. The festival is on Pennsylvania Ave, with a view of the United States Capitol, and will include approximately 300 vendors, as well as multiple stages with shows all day.

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