Guadalajara is your sexy undercover gay gem in Mexico

LGBTQ folks are nothing if not creative.

However, it’s easy for us to perpetually choose from the mainstream selection of popular destinations to visit when it comes to travel. Mexico offers two of the most frequented cities for gays: Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. But the Latin American travel hotspot nestles another secret gem that should not be missed: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Naturally, queers of Instagram might doubt just how gay Guadalajara is without the ocean scenery.

Well, with over 30 gay bars and clubs to choose from, the nightlife should speak for itself. From Envy to Xico, two of the rowdiest clubs, there’s no shortage of bars to dance, drink, socialize, perhaps take your shirt off! Don’t forget to tip Guadalajara’s hard-working GoGo boys, otherwise known as the gift that keeps on teasing.

Unlike in sleepier cities like New York, 4 AM doesn’t mean it’s time to go home, but Bar America is waiting. A line outside starts to pick up around 5 or 6 AM and continues until it would usually be time to greet your boss good morning. (The nightclubs typically don’t open until Thursday.)

via Club Envy

But any queer person can sniff out the party scene in any major city, including entertainment, museums, and fine dining. What sets Guadalajara apart as a melting pot of gayness is that it boasts one of the largest LGBTQ populations in Mexico. That means, if you’re planning on dabbling with the apps, there are bound to be several horny locals for every hornier tourist. Happy hunting to all.

via Club Xico 

Goodbye visitor prices.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s better than an orgasm, it’s ordering a lavish meal with delicious cocktails and then seeing a check priced like a fancy Starbucks order. The food scene is as phenomenal and fresh as any other part of Mexico, but you will be strutting the streets like Anna Delvey with ten-dollar bills (200 pesos) by the end of the trip. But no one says you have to choose, so feel free to enjoy that orgasm for dessert. One of the fanciest restaurants the city has to offer is Bruna with an aesthetic almost as tasty as the cuisine.

Shopping-wise, any jewelry aficionado need not look beyond Centro Joyero, a multi-floor shopping mall exclusively for silver and gold jewelry with more local vendors than you can lay eyes on. You will purchase silver for the price of stainless steel in the US, less if you’re not scared to haggle. If you were brave enough to come out to your parents, you’re capable of negotiating 10%! There’s also a fabulous leather scene (not to be confused with the scene at the Eagle), with plenty of quality and highly affordable garments that you can then wear to the Eagle.

A Community of Expats and Artists, Many of Them Queer

One of the city’s most unique and trendy neighborhoods, the aptly named Colonia Americana, offers a community of ex-pats. In fact, Cafetal 97, a neighborhood staple, hosts Expat Thursdays with live music for Americans in the area to mingle and get to know fellow strangers under the commonality of English, por favor! The owner Dio is an art dealer who showcases local artists throughout the space. He is also proudly gay and might take you to Xico, Envy, and Bar America within the same night (yes, speaking from experience).

Next to the area, there’s a long tourist pathway stretching multiple blocks known as Chapultepec, offering daily local street vendors and surrounded by plenty of restaurants and bars. Other must-see neighborhoods include Zona Centro, Tlaquepaque, and Zapopan. Visitors might not have access to the beach, but you can visit Tequila (you’ll feel like you’re in a movie). The outskirts of town are dotted with fields of blue agave, the liquor’s main ingredient. Although Guadalajara lacks access to the ocean, you can enjoy a massage for $20 or go horseback riding for $6. Unfortunately, you will return to the USA with reverse culture shock by the cost of living.

Guadalajara’s Pride Parade

photo via Guadalajara Pride Facebook

Like any sought-after destination, Guadalajara offers its own Pride event, Desfile del Orgullo, competing with the likes of São Paulo and Buenos Aires. It takes place every ​​antepenult week of June, preluded by a week of celebration. Additionally, the city hosts the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, showcasing work by independent filmmakers from Mexico and nearly 50 other countries.

Author note: For anyone adventurous and coincidently desiring to get a tattoo during their trip, there’s a duo of incredibly talented Guadalajaran (and the definition of chill) artists living where they tattoo, calling themselves the “Untitled Project” or @untitledprojectmx on Instagram. When I missed my flight, I used it as an opportunity to get a tattoo from William, who my local friend passionately suggested. They live inside a gated community, using the first floor as the studio and the second floor where they probably sleep and play video games, and perhaps enjoy some mischief.

They depend on social media and word of mouth for clients. Warning, you will not get the “professional” experience per se, but you will get an incredible piece of work. Midway through my session, William asked if I wanted to smoke a blunt. I admitted not being comfortable with him getting high, to which he responded, “Oh, don’t worry, I already am!”

Out of my seven tattoos, he designed and executed my favorite. A small gathering of friends was happening simultaneously on the patio, and they even invited me to hang out after. So proceed at your comfort level.

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