Want fresh ink? Get on the books at these LGBTQ-friendly tattoo shops 

Let’s face it, the tattoo industry tends to be a predominantly cis-straight-white-male world. But as time goes on and the demand increases, the LGBTQ community continues to reshape the industry into a space for self-expression and reclaiming identity. If you are looking for some fresh ink, consider supporting these queer-owned, LGBTQ-friendly artists and shops. 

Good Stuff Tattoo

Portland, OR


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Located in Portland’s Woodlawn ‘hood, this private tattoo studio hosts a roster of outstanding queer artists. You’ll need to follow your artist of choice on Instagram to learn more about getting on their books.

Copperplate Tattoo

Chicago, IL 


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Owned and operated by artist Caroline Moody, the shop’s name comes from Moody’s mother, a printmaker skilled in copperplate etching. Copperplate Tattoo takes appointments only, and offers consultations to help you figure out the design perfect for you. Taking special care to accommodate any LGBTQ clients, Copperplate wants to make the tattooing experience as safe and comfy as possible.

Castro Tattoo

San Francisco, CA


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Located in sunny San Francisco, Castro Tattoo is an LGBTQ friendly shop with a team of talented artists that not only want to bring your ink to life, but make it pop with color. From forest landscapes to outer space, Castro Tattoo specializes in vibrant color tattoos sure to make any jaw drop. The body serves as their canvas, and any body will do, regardless of race or orientation.

The artists also pride themselves on their fun designs, bringing a cartoony flair to their work. However, if realism is more your thing, don’t worry – everything from lions and snakes to meteors and moons have been inked at Castro. Another shop taking appointments only, be sure to snag a slot on your next vacation to the West Coast.

Yarrow Studio

Brooklyn, NY


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Yarrow Studio adopts a unique approach to tattoos. These artists dedicate themselves not only to bringing body art to life, but to helping the client reclaim their personal agency. Named after the yarrow plant, a flower used in medicinal practices, Yarrow Studio approaches the tattooing process with a lens of healing. 

The artists collaborate with their clients on their designs with the goal of encouraging bodily autonomy. They welcome people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and racial backgrounds, working hard to create a comfortable environment for everyone. 

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