20 LGBTQ-owned shops that will end your addiction to big online retail

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Cyber Monday in the US can sometimes feel like a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving. With online shopping deals as abundant as a turkey day feast, it has become increasingly easy to order all your holiday gifts from corporate giants. But there’s power in where you decide to spend your money. Why give your money to ‘big’ retail when you could support LGBTQ-owned online shops instead?

GayCities made a list, and checked it twice, of small businesses that offer truly remarkable products worthy of gift wrapping paper. This holiday season, give gifts with PRIDE by supporting our top 20 LGBTQ-owned-and-operated online shops

Show and Tell


Show and Tell Concept Shop

One of a kind art and fashion


Founder Alyah Baker designed Show and Tell to be a unique and vibrant celebration of people of color LGBTQIA+ folks, Women, and other marginalized communities. The shop features a combination of handmade products from the brand and a curated selection of ethical sustainable goods. On their website, you can find products specifically focused on celebrating themes like black joy and gay pride.

Equator Coffees

Co-founded by queer couple Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell, Equator Coffees has eight cafes around the San Francisco Bay area. When shopping for a coffee-lover in your life, skip Starbucks and support this 26-year-old queer business. You can find packaged coffee and all the accessories you need for simple brewing and sipping on their website.  

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Los Angeles


Inclusive and sustainable


Inclusive and sustainable, Wildfang wants to tear down gender norms in fashion. Blazers, coveralls, and button-downs come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns in addition to neutral staples. Button-downs with no boob gap, and pants with real pockets, these clothes were made to fit and work in everyday life. 

Boy Smells

Culver City

Boy Smells at Platform

Designer candles and fragrances


Boy Smell was co-founded by real-life partners Matthew Herman and David Kien for people of all genders with candle and perfume scents ranging from smoky to floral to fruity. They also carry simple underwear made for any identity.

Mr. S Leather

San Francisco

Mr. S Leather

Leather couture

100% Love it Explore

Need a present for someone on your naughty list?  Mr. S Leather, located in San Francisco, has been a go-to designer and purveyor of fine leather goods, sex toys, and apparel since 1979. They have a huge online selection and ship anywhere in the world.

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Los Angeles


Bohemian boutique


This bohemian boutique is a great place to shop for multiple people in your life all at once. From fun feminist apparel to toys for kids, to vibrators, perusing their website is a blast. You can also visit their two storefronts and studio in LA. Otherwild designs and produces goods independently and in collaboration with creators, while also carrying pieces from other ethical brands. Shopping here won’t just support founder Rachel Berks, who is a queer woman, but also the organizations Otherwild donates to like Planned Parenthood, The National Center for Transgender Equality, The Lesbian Herstory Archives, and Black Lives Matter.

The Archive

San Francisco

The Archive

Urban and gothic

100% Love it Explore

Specializing in dark men’s wear, The Archive offers handmade, designer clothing and accessories from emerging brands across the globe. The owner, Arthur, has carefully curated his selection and has a perfect piece for any occasion. You’ll want to build your entire wardrobe around them. Their online shop is like a candy store for goths, punks, and leather daddies alike.


This gender-inclusive makeup company specializes in self-expression. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free, and made to suit all skin tones and gender expressions. With everything from clear gloss to biodegradable glitter, everyone can sparkle with Fluide

Ghost Democracy

Ghost Democracy’s founder worked for big beauty corporations for over 12 years before creating a different type of skincare company. One rooted in transparency, effectiveness, and accessibility. Skip the cheap chemicals in name-brand products and go for these highly concentrated, and still affordable, ones instead. 

Culture Flock


Culture Flock

Good vibes for everybody


The girls behind Culture Flock design clothes and accessories for anyone and everyone. The designs they create are fun, colorful, and hilariously relatable. They also carry buttons, patches, stickers, and candles from other brands and artists that pass the vibe check.

Rebirth Garments

Sky Cubacub, a nonbinary queer and disabled Filipinx human, created Rebirth Garments for people on the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability. Many people have been excluded from mainstream fashion, but Rebirth Garment’s one-of-a-kind pieces can truly be made to fit everyone. All pieces are made to order and there are no standard sizes. Instead, everything is completely customizable and tailored to each individual customer’s needs and measurements. With an array of fabrics in fun colors and textures to choose from, these pieces don’t just fit the person they’re made for, they reflect their style.

Automic Gold

Automic Gold is a queer, trans-owned business making gold accessible. This affordable gold jewelry is super wearable, both for its minimalistic trendy style and the fact that it’s waterproof. No need to feel guilty about never changing your jewelry, these pieces’ are made to last. Automic Gold also offers fully customizable pieces, making the perfect one-of-a-kind gift.


Dfrntpigeon is a different type of streetwear. All designs are created by Portland’s marginalized youth, mentored by professional designers. Through Portland’s New Avenues for Youth program, homeless youth are paid to design and market clothes that reflect their own experiences. This business model helps at-risk youth develop their creative skills and turn them into a career path. Plus the designs are super dope and wearable. You’ll find drawings that reflect LGBTQ+ pride and mental health awareness on t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and more. 


New York


Femme-friendly sex toys


Babeland opened its first store in 1993 due to the lack of women-friendly Seattle sex shops. Babeland sells sex toys for everybody, no matter your gender expression. In addition to a bounty of products, Babeland’s website provides free information encouraging people to explore their sexualities. Plus, with their Come for a Cause initiative, Babeland supports various non-profit organizations throughout the year. Currently, they’re supporting Sex Down South, The Transgender Law Center, and ActBlue’s bail fund. 

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An independent Austin-based company, Flavnt streetwear is made specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Their stylish graphic tees and sweats promote queer and trans pride. They also make bare skin binders in a spectrum of “nude” colors meant to give wearers a shirtless look. For those who need help finding the right fit, the website has a step-by-step sizing guide. As a company, Flavnt actively supports other small, queer, and gender-affirming brands and social causes. 

Carmen Liu Lingerie

Hailing from the UK, but available for shipping to the US, Carmen Liu makes lingerie specifically for the LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary communities. The brand’s creator, Carmen Liu, is a trans woman who was sick of underwear being a “dreaded” experience. Carmen Liu features a variety of styles for tucking and flattening, as well as pieces fit for anyone. 

Suay Sew Shop

Suay carries beautifully sustainable handmade clothing, bedding, and homeware. According to their website, everything is made from deadstock and reclaimed fabrics, low-impact dyes, US-made zippers, and LA-made recycle inserts. In true thrifting fashion, Suay even has a free rack at their store. Suay is all about radical transparency, everything is sewn in their Frogtown, LA shop, go see the process for yourself!


Candles are a classic Christmas present, but this LGBTQ-owned company is far from your basic run-of-the-mill-mall-candle chain. These small-batch candles are made to order just outside of Kansas City and carried in local stores across the country. With over 60 fragrances to choose from, there’s something for everyone. 

Carried by a number of in-store partners across the country.


Gc2b binders are created by trans people for trans people. Founder Marli Washington is the creator of the first chest binders patented specifically with gender affirmation in mind. Their binders come in all different shades and styles, they even have rainbow ones.


Stoney Michelli Love founded Stuzo in 2010 as a gender-free clothing company that welcomes everyone without judgment. The brand specifically celebrates the queer BIPOC community. They carry different types of pieces, including shirts with amazing sayings like “box eater.” 

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