10 places we can’t wait to visit when travel restrictions are lifted and here’s why…

Nomadic Boys gay couple Japan
Strolling in Osaka, Japan

2020? More like “20-Hunty, you really couldn’t have given us a single break?!”

While we have cherished every moment we’ve been able to spend with each other at home, reflecting on our previous travels and daydreaming of new expeditions… We have to admit that it’s been hard staying cooped up inside. We experienced such a strong sense of wanderlust that it’s been difficult having to keep ourselves stationed in one place for so long. 

In this article, we’ve put together an all-inclusive, fine-tuned list of the ten places we are super excited to see once travel restrictions are finally lifted. Even if this article exists as our personal list of prime vacation destinations, we hope it can inspire you to build your own international itinerary. 

And on that note, let’s hear it for a bright and prosperous new year full of happiness, fun, and relaxation! 

11. Japan

Where do you go when you’re looking for revolutionary technological advances, long-lasting traditions, and charming hospitality? Why, it’s got to be Japan, of course! Whether we spend our time turning up at the countless gay bars in Shinjuku, cycling through the natural area of Hida-Takayama, or witnessing the cultural monuments throughout Kyoto, we always feel safe being ourselves in this overwhelmingly accepting country. 

Nomadic Boys gay couple Japan
Osaka, Japan

2. Iceland

Whenever we find ourselves living in a post-COVID timeline, we know with certainty that we are going to hit the ground running, eagerly venturing outside of our home to begin crossing dream destinations off of our bucket list. And sitting at the very top of that list is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world – Iceland. We will obviously be thrilled to pass through the gay villages of Reykjavik and Akureyri, but more than anything, we plan to visit this country as adventurers who seek only the most impressive environmental wonders. 

3. New Zealand

Seventeen years after the release of Return of the King, and we’re still mad that Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee weren’t a romantic couple. Thankfully, visiting New Zealand allows us to play out our fantasies in more ways than one. Seeing as how the country has boasted progressive anti-discrimination laws since 1993, feel free to express love for your partner freely and openly, even when wandering through the precious little hobbit holes on the Hobbiton movie set! Sorry, not sorry that we are both geeky fanboys…

4. Thailand

Considering the fact that Thailand is our favorite place in the world, it obviously had to make our list. We’ve sunbathed on the country’s gorgeous beaches, snorkeled between the many islands, and partied with all of the speedo-clad gay boys our hearts could possibly desire. Yet we can never get enough of this little slice of paradise. Trust us when we say that the people of Thailand have undoubtedly worked hard on their hospitality game to earn the destination its oh-so fitting nickname, “The Land of Smiles.”

Nomadic Boys gay couple Thailand
A romantic kiss on the shores of Koh Lipe island in Thailand

5. Bhutan 

Nestled in the Himalayas lies this astonishing natural retreat that measures its success based on the happiness of its citizens rather than the efficiency of their work. We hadn’t previously visited Bhutan due to our fear of facing discrimination, but the country just recently legalized homosexuality, which practically gave us an open invitation to tour the land as soon as possible. We are so looking forward to viewing the pristine, mountainous scenery and beautiful Buddhist monasteries up close and personal. 

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town may be called “The Mother City” due to its impact on South African civilization, but we personally like the name because we know just how much this destination provides for us. Besides providing guests with a stunning, diverse landscape to explore, the city also welcomes LGBTQ+ travelers with open arms. No matter where you are in Cape Town – whether that be a spot on the gay Clifton Beach or a seat at one of Green Point’s many queer bars – you’ll definitely be able to rest, relax, and enjoy yourself. 

7. Berlin, Germany

What better place to get dirty than the city of sin, and no, we’re not talking about Las Vegas. Berlin, Germany is notorious for being a raunchy, thrilling escape from the confines of average life. We especially can’t wait to plunge ourselves directly into the gay village capital of the world, Schoneberg. With bars, clubs, saunas, cruising spots, cafes, and restaurants that cater specifically to a queer crowd, we can guarantee that you will leave this destination longing for nothing, except maybe another German sausage… 

Nomadic Boys gay couple in Berlin
Nomadic Boys perched up high in gay ole’ Berlin

8. New York

As the home of the fundamental battleground of the Stonewall Inn, as well as the long-established summer getaway of Fire Island, it’s easy to see why New York has become a mecca for gay folks from all walks of life. And that’s not even mentioning the neighborhoods or events. Fingers crossed that this becomes the year we finally make our way to NYC Pride. 

9. Antarctica

Why consider snuggling up to grizzly bears when you could choose a polar bear to keep you company instead? Honestly, you’re going to need something big and strong to keep you warm while braving that icy tundra! We are beyond ready to cross this monumental item off our bucket list and proudly claim that we have traveled where no homophobic people could ever possibly find us. 

10. Montreal, Canada

Gay couple Rainbow Crossing in Montreal
Over the rainbow we go in Montreal’s Gay Village

It is no secret that we adore Montreal, Canada. Considering how they allow their gay village to be proudly displayed on official maps, we think you could say that this city is the real deal. Above all else, we love Montreal for its buzzing energy and willingness to accept anyone and everyone. And let’s face it, the existence of strip bars is a great bonus. 

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