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Cazwell’s new video is filled with gay-for-pay strippers, because of course it is

Photo courtesy of Cazwell

We always enjoy catching up with rapper/songwriter Cazwell, as he zooms around the world from show to show. With songs that range from catchy bops like his hit “Ice Cream Truck,” to rebelling against the hyper-masculine hip hop music industry by promising to “make America fem again” in “Loose Wrists,” Cazwell is reliable for producing songs that are bops.

His latest single “Duo Lingo,” a song about the artistry of stripppers, is bona fide Cazwell: uncensored, unfiltered, and surrounded by guys who are mostly undressed.

We chatted with Cazwell after a show at The Manor Complex, a Wilton Manors nightclub in Fort Lauderdale.

1) Where was the video for “Duo Lingo” shot? And where did you find the dancers?

The video for Duo Lingo was shot at Fubar in West Hollywood. The premise of the song is a hole in the wall lap dance bar, so I got a combination of guys, including gay-for-pay lap dancers. I didn’t want your run of the mill gay club go-go boys. I wanted it as authentic as possible.

2) You said in an interview, “I love Florida, it gets ratchet here and that’s what I like.”  What do you like about Fort Lauderdale?

I love Wilton Manors. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to perform in the Fort Lauderdale area for years. I have thrown down at Alibi, and Hunters comes to mind. But anytime I’m traveling I’m pretty much trying to catch up on sleep. I want to be well rested so I have an energetic show.

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3) What’s next? 

At the moment I am putting together a Latin-infused album with a couple Colombian producers. I’m looking forward to have an album with one cohesive sound. I’m also putting together another album with Amanda LePore, which will be lit. And I’m organizing my next music video that will be on a spaceship, 50 million years in the future.

4) What’s your best piece of travel advice?

The best travel advice I can give you is before you leave the hotel make your bed. Things always get lost in the covers.

Watch Cazwell’s latest single Duo Lingo here (no nudity, but it is a song about strippers, so obviously NSFW)

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