5 kinds of sexy Swedish guys – and where to find them in Stockholm

Ahh, Swedish guys! Tall drinks of water, to be sure. And just to add to the package: They’ve got style.

It’s easy to believe there’s only one kind of typical Swede, but that’s not true. The capital city of Stockholm teems with different Scandi-sorts.

If you want to get to know a sexy local, we’ve got advice. Don’t sit in one place and wait for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) to just magically turn up. Instead, venture out into town and track down Stockholm’s most desirable bachelors in their natural habitat…

Need some advice on where to look? We got you.

1. The globe-trotting Swede at the Diplomat Hotel

First things first, you’ve got to base yourself somewhere. And the Diplomat is arguably one of Sweden’s, if not Europe’s, finest hotels. In the various lounge areas scattered throughout the property, you’ll stumble upon businessmen and jet setters alike (did we mention this place is a bit fancy?).

If staying here isn’t an option, you can always pop into the hotel’s very own cafe-cum-food hall, Butiken. Here, you’ll find everything from homemade delicatessen to healthy smoothies and, if you’re lucky, a six-foot tall cutie in a Filippa K suit who’s looking for a shopping companion for the day – it’d be rude to say no!

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2. The cultural Swede at Fotografiska

Need an art lover to marvel at the wonders of the world with? Make your way to Stockholm’s Fotografiska, the world’s fastest growing institution entirely devoted to the medium of photography.

It’s here that the city’s creative minds gather for the latest exhibitions of local and international talent, as well as for the many events that take place in the museum’s lounge and cocktail bar. Visit on a Saturday for a club-like atmosphere with live DJs and bands that attract Stockholm’s coolest crowd.

A word of wisdom before you go: If you hear someone brag about their 35 millimetres, don’t panic. They’re referring to their camera lens.

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3. The sustainably minded Swede at Matmarknad

Not far from the above-mentioned Diplomat Hotel, Matmarknad offers an ideal setting for a prolonged people-watching session, with high chances of a sighting of the much revered eco-Swede.

There is a reason Stockholm frequently ranks among the world’s most environmentally friendly cities, and his name is Lars (or Sven, or Gunnar, you know what we mean!). Whatever their name, they all flock to Matmarknad for the freshest and most sustainable foodstuffs; from biodynamic wines to local produce and organic rye bread.

And even if you don’t find a date, there’s always another bottle of fine wine waiting on Matmarknad’s shelves.

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4. The hip Swede at Hellsten Glashus

Sure, you could argue that all of Stockholm has a certain hipster appeal, but no area is cooler, more daring and more fun than the capital’s Södermalm district.

At the neighbourhood’s heart sits Hellsten Glashus, an ultra-popular (book early, just saying) yet laidback hotel with unique design details and a great vibe. The Glashus is one of the most relaxed and welcoming places in the entire city, with local hipsterinos descending upon its cafe, lounge and bar area for Indian dhals and Pale Ales in the evenings.

Too shy to make a move? Just rock a pair of VEJA trainers and you’re part of the group.

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5. The Viking at Skansen

The most stereotypically Nordic Swede of them all, the Viking (or whatever is left of the myth of him) cannot be tamed or confined to closed spaces for too long. You’ll find him – where else? – in the great outdoors, which to our great delight still exist in Stockholm. Well, sort of, anyway.

Make your way to the world’s oldest open-air museum, Skansen, and wander around its vast gardens and outdoor displays depicting Swedish history and tradition throughout the centuries.

Spent all morning and not bumped into a Viking yet? Silly you. Wait until noon, when they come alive and gravitate towards Skansen’s Stora Gungan Tavern, which serves hearty meals and ice-cold beers.

You’re welcome.

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