Here are 5 fabulous experiences you can only enjoy in Saskatchewan

Let’s face it, Canada is amazing.

Who hasn’t dreamed of moving there these past three years? But Saskatchewan, the sprawling province in the very center of the country, has its own brand of youthful and energetic magic. Vibrant and diverse, it’s got a proud Canadian history of accepting and welcoming everyone.

Picture wide-open prairies (Saskatchewan lies north of Montana), urban parkland, river valleys, star-filled night skies, and a mix of natural wonders and city highlights in the Saskatoon, the province’s largest city.

Follow Daniel and Zane, writers and social media influencers, as they explore five incredible Saskatchewan experiences.

Farm One Forty / Odla

If you weren’t aware of what 140 acres can do, then cast your (gay) gaze south west of Saskatoon. Here you can experience Farm One Forty. This heritage farm property is sustainably managed and run to provide their partner restaurant Odla with all the beef, pork, and vegetables its hungry patrons have an appetite for. Odla is a true farm to table experience, where every simple, flavourful bite will have you understanding the importance of the connection between the producer of your food and you.

Solar Gardens

Picture an oasis, filled with verdant greenery bordering on the decadent.  Chances are you weren’t picturing yourself 20 minutes outside of Saskatoon proper. If you were, the only spot imaginable has to be the gay-owned and operated Solar Gardens. Succulents of every hue pop out to greet you from within lush greenhouses. The smell of Italian style pizza wafts by. The clink of ice-filled pitchers of sangria beckons you. Welcome to a truly unique space – perfect for any event you can dream up.


Steeped in history and tradition, the tea on this sacred gathering place is yours to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural traditions of the Indigenous people who have called this place home for thousands of years, expand your mind, and enjoy the pageantry of traditional dances, teepee raising, or a nature walk.

Black Fox

Sure, you’ve heard of farm to table, but have you heard of field to flask? Imbibe and vibe at Black Fox Farm distillery, where 90% of the ingredients in a medley of spirits (vodka, whisky, gin) are grown right there on the farm. Don’t miss your chance to sample the world’s best cask gin: Black Fox’s Barrel Aged Vapour Infused gin won best cask gin at the World Gin Awards. Tiptoe through the tulips (and a variety of other flowers) in bloom in their you-pick, or come autumn, enjoy a pumpkin festival that squashes all others.

The Hollows

Question: What do you get when you combine one-part kitschy vintage Chinese restaurant with two-parts amazing chef with a thirst for local food? Answer: The Hollows. Located in a landmark Chinese food establishment and under the watchful gaze of head chef Christie Peters, The Hollows offers fabulous fare, blending sophisticated flavours sourced locally with just a touch of pizzazz.

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Photos provided by Saskatchewan

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