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Miami Beach bartender Nathan Paul Smith on where to hang out at pride

Twist is the most famous bar in South Beach, for three reasons: first, the multiple dance areas each with their own music, where crowds dance until the sun comes up; second, the go-go dancers in the back cabana, who are happily provide lap dances; and third, Nathan the bartender in the upstairs video bar.

Nathan has commandeered the upstairs bar at Twist for years, and he greets everybody like they are old friends, with a flash of that trademark smile.

GayCities chatted with Nathan about his favorite places to go in Miami, as well as the upcoming Miami Beach Pride weekend, April 5-7, which is one of the biggest party events in the city.

Why is Miami a great place to live?
Living in Miami is great because of it’s diversity. We have absolutely everything you would want or need here.

What’s your favorite cocktail to drink and your favorite to make?
This will make most bartenders eyes roll, but a mojito. I love a good sweet drink.

Why would that make bartenders roll their eyes? That is one of the most famous Cuban drinks, so it’s perfect for Miami.

It is more work to make a mojito, and most bartenders do not like making them. You have to muddle the mint, lime, and sugar, so it is too much work for them. Most bartenders would prefer to make a vodka and soda, which is one of the more popular drink nowadays. Girls be watching their calories.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Miami area?
My favorite restaurant has to be Vista, located at 5020 NE 2nd Ave. in Upper Buena Vista. It specializes in Italian fusion, with a Miami kick. They use locally sourced produce and seafood, and they make their own pasta. The Waygu steaks are amazing. Ask for Dani, she is an amazing Mixologist.

Where is the place to see-and-be-seen?
The place to be seen and to see is Wynwood. Go see Wynwood Walls. Art and energy are amazing. And of course, so are the hot guys.

What hotel would you recommend for people coming to town for Pride?
The hotel to check out would be Hotel Gaythering, 1409 Lincoln Rd. The staff is incredible.

What’s the can’t-miss Pride event this year?
Come to Twist! We have events all weekend. Please come check me out in the upstairs video bar.

Photos courtesy of Nathan Paul Smith

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