These sexy photos will make you hop the next flight to Key West

One of our favorite destinations for hedonism and relaxation: Key West, the island of the Florida coast that has long welcomed us to its sun-drenched shores. During winter days we opine for frisky locals, delectable seafood, boutiques, beaches and, well, clothing-optional resorts.

Fortunately, Key West offers all of those amenities which could be why the pint-sized island town has become one of the country’s premier destinations. It is perfect for walks and bike rides, while the gay nightlife spread over many bars and resorts makes for a great party.

Need more convincing? Check out these photos which show off the island’s beaches, architecture and sights.

1. Friendly Natives

2. Hanging Out

3. Hello Sailors

4. Bubbly Bear

5. Fabulous Footwear

6. Big & Easy

7. Pool Disco

8. Like Buttah

9. Coupling

10. Getting Wet