10 super hot places to dream about warding off the thanksgiving chill


With a turkey in the oven and a chill in the air, friends and family come together to give thanks, share food and plan for the coming winter. While we love our holidays, our feasts, our friends and our family, we can’t help but say…

The heck with that.

Our mind drifts to a sunny beach, a hot climate or some fun in the sun with sexy companionship, kinda like these hot destinations (and the boys who love them), designed to keep you warm on a frigid winter night.

No matter how much you eat this Thanksgiving, these pics will make you hungry for some, um, travel.

1. Ibiza

2. Puerto Vallarta

3. Mykonos

4. Spain

5. Puerto Rico

6. Cancun

7. Rio

8. Tel Aviv

9. Key West

10.Turks & Caicos