PHOTOS: 10 sexy reasons to visit Canada in addition to Maple Syrup and Caribou

The great land to the north enjoys a reputation for maple syrup, caribou and liberal people saying “ay” but somehow Canada still doesn’t get enough credit as a welcoming and beautiful destination, one that just happens to home a population of great-looking men that look fantastic in hockey jerseys.

From Montreal to Toronto to Saskatoon, there’s enough gay life to make a life out of it.

Having just returned from our northern neighbor at the amazing Toronto International Film Fest, we’ve put together this fine arrangement of Insta-images that show off some of Canada’s natural (and often sexy) beauty. So to speak.

1. Toronto Pride

2. Mr. Gay Canada

3. The Men (and puppies) of Saskatoon

4. Diva’s Nightclub of Saskatoon

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5. The Canadian Gay Football League

6. Toronto International Film Festival

7. Vancouver Pride

8. Montreal’s Village

9. LGBT in the City, a platform for connecting in Montreal

10. The Ice Skaters