Meet Seattle’s Deonta Bebber, showing off his style at Pike Place Market


Welcome to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, where local and visitors alike mingle together amongst eclectic shops and seafood hauled fresh from Puget Sound and beyond. Beyond the traditional fishmonger, you might find a rare comic book for sale deep in the vendors’ stalls, or an elaborate pot pipe or locally-sourced honey or a cute guy in a long overcoat. If visiting during winter months, remember to bundle up, as a chill can blow in across the water. But brisk weather is a fine time to pull together a dapper ensemble.

Today GayCities photographer Matt Baume came across Seattle denizen and local optician Deonta Bebber enjoying all of what Seattle and Pike Place Market has to offer. Matt asked Deonta a few questions about the city he loves–and his outfit.

Name and occupation? Deonta Bebber, Optician

Sexual orientation? Super gay.

What do you love about Seattle and its gayborhood, Capitol HillThere’s still diversity — people from everywhere. It’s a melting pot of the country.

What’s your style? Snakeskin Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. I’m modern greaser meets Euro-dandy. This is all my style — if I notice too many people wearing something I take it out of rotation.

Favorite hangout? I play Pokemon Go, so it’s the entire city. But I take people to try the lasagna at Osteria La Spiga. And The Cuff for a gay bar, because it has lots of rooms.

Underwear brand? Andrew Christian. Shows off the package, and they make extra small.

Favorite local performer? I really like Abbey Roads. She’s so bubbly and theatrical.

Last movie you saw? Valerian.

Favorite book or podcast? The Sewers of Paris. It’s so thorough.


Photos by Matt Baume