PHOTOS: Hunky Jesus once again resurrected in San Francisco

Religious holidays aren’t necessary high on the list of things to celebrate in San Francisco, but not many can say no to a hunky Jesus clad in nothing more than a loin cloth and birkenstocks.

For the 38th year in a row, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence preached to a crowd of more than a thousand people on Easter Sunday in Golden Gate Park. This year’s celebration included plenty of hotties and holy water, plus sexy male bunnies, colorful Easter ladies, and a not-so-PG exorcism on a Donald Trump doppelgänger.

Scroll down for photos from this year’s resurrection…

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  • Anonymous

    Gosh! Hunky all right..BUT but I think this is “pushing it” too far. There are many of us aligned with LGBTQI faith based organizations, denominations, etc. who find this offensive to ‘the” most important religious holyday in Christendom.

  • Anonymous

    I can appreciate the levity and humor in it all in making fun of the religious millions and their devotion to a Bronze-Age, triple-personality deity but the reality is far less comedic.

    Why any self-respecting LGBT would associate him/herself with any religious organization (much less a Christian one) is a mystery. After two thousand years of bullying, coercion, persecution, prosecution, torture and murder, it is quite clear that Christianity is not “loving” or even tolerant; it is a serious ongoing threat to all LGBT.

    To sit in a church pew listening to anti-gay scriptural references, endure the constant “abomination and condemned to hell” designation of LGBT, and then to self-destructively contribute one’s hard-earned cash to the furtherance of LGBT persecution by these Christian organizations can only be masochistic in nature.

    Don’t think “your” Christians are the same? Read their Bible and wake up!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a “Bi-Sexual’ Man and have never been in a closet in any part of my Life. I consider myself to be Liberal in my Politics and thoughts, but after viewing the pics and reading the story behind this event, i was appalled and sickened by it. To dress and “mock” Jesus Christ in this manner on these Holy Days is beyond words. No wonder some Christians and other Religions “Detest” us, just look..In this moment and time i am so “Ashamed” to be Gay.

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous @ 3 p.m. — Your argument might have carried weight 50 years ago, but thousands of US churches now welcome GLBT people and perform their marriages. Many believe the 6 “clobber” verses in the Bible have long been misinterpreted and no longer follow them, giving priority to hundreds of other verses that preach acceptance. And the David-Jonathan story in 1 & 2 Samuel is one of the great gay romances of all time.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to San Francisco where nothing or no one gets a pass.

  • Anonymous

    Well, thank GOD they didnt have a live sex show with Jesus F#cking Christ

  • Anonymous

    You wouldn’t catch me wandering around a golf course with an umbrella whilst there’s lightning in the area, no matter how dramatic the phot opportunity (4th photo!)
    Either that, or it’s theological proof that Gay Jesus is accepted by God if he’s capable of being on a golf course with a metal club held aloft, whilst not being righteously smiled with lightning by a vengeful God…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So sad

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