What Are Your Favorite Travel Mementoes? We Have 4 To Check Out

Travel Mementos in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineAs we burst into the SnapChat age, where even our photos are momentary, disappearing within seconds, a constant live feed pushing our memories farther and farther down, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate those things that last.

In every issue, ManAboutWorld asks our correspondents, readers, and travel buddies to submit their favorite mementoes: the small trinkets, toys and gadgets we’ve collected through the years traversing the globe — the ones that serve as little reminders about how far we’ve traveled, the people we’ve met, and the moments we’ve experienced. Some of the may even be purloined! (We don’t ask or tell.)

These are a few of our favorite mementos from our most intrepid travelers, and the funny, sexy, world-weary stories that go along with them.

by John O’Connor in New York 

My first job out of college was working for Andy Warhol and Interview Magazine at the infamous Warhol “factory” in New York. Andy developed a crush on me (most likely as I was 21, 6’4″ and blond) and used to bring me little stolen items like flatware from La Coupole or the Waldorf. But one of my favorites (show in the photo above) was pilfered from a dinner service aboard an Air France Concorde flight the artist took in 1983. Ostensibly, this tiny Limoges porcelain box contained warm cashews, but in typical Andy style, he emptied it, smuggled it home in his pocket, signed it, and gave it to his crush. Sweet and savory.

by Brennon Zwigli in Turkey 

Travel Mementos in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineLast September, while strolling the streets of Old Datça, Turkey, I turned a corner and went for a ride down the proverbial rabbit hole to a magical place of whimsy. There were quaint little shops, cafes and houses. Bougainvillea lined the street, and from this bougainvillea hung thousands of stringed Turkish bunting consisting of small pieces of fabric and beads. To top it off, there was an elderly Turkish lady sitting outside the shop working away with a big smile on her face. I knew I wasn’t leaving without some in hand to add a little whimsy to my garden back home.

By Jason Paul in Bali

Travel Mementos in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineAfter getting up at 4 in the morning and enduring the flash mob that seems to be Asian airports, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on a Hello Kitty flight on EVA Air to Bali from Taipei. While I only took the pillow with me, everything on the flight was HK-themed—from the utensils to the hand soap in the bathroom. As gimmicks go, I was in full support of this one. I only wish there was a Hello Kitty eye mask to match, but maybe that would be too gay.

by Mark Vogler in Germany

Travel Mementos in GayCities and ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineAlthough it’s not the traditional leather of today’s gay culture, my memento transports me to a place and time where I learned to drink real beer and developed an appreciation for German men in leather trousers. Since I was a high school exchange student to Bavaria in 1982 living with a host family, it was expected that I would learn German and embrace the culture of Bavaria. So I studied the language of my ancestors and got a pair of lederhosen, which I’ve worn three times in 30 years. I am proud to say I can still slip them on as easily as Dorothy slipped into her ruby slippers. 

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