The Five Kinkiest Cities In America


Thinking about taking a trip? In the mood to go somewhere kinky? We’ve got a list for you. Whether you’re looking for a city with an abundance of all-nude male strip clubs or a vibrant BDSM scene, or just a sexy city, we’ve got it covered.

Check out the list of the five kinkiest cities in America, as chosen by GayCities and Queerty editors… And go ahead and let us know which ones you suggest off-list in the comments section below. 

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New Orleans

N’awlins has a long history of decadence and debauchery. Of course, there’s the infamous pre-Lent bacchanalian festival otherwise known as Mardi Gras. On top of that, each year Labor Day is Southern Decadence (a.k.a. Gay Mardi Gras) in which hundreds of thousands of half-naked — and sometimes fully naked — men take to the streets of the French Quarter for a week of non-stop sausage swinging. But that’s not even the half of it. NOLA has no shortage of gay bars, strip clubs, and even an annual swingers convention called Naughty in N’awlins, which includes naked pool parties, a masquerade ball, and plenty other opportunities for folks to make new “friends.”

Seriously, they don’t call this place the “Big Easy” for nothing.



While we’re on the subject of the dirty South, folks in Atlanta knows how to keep it kinky. The city boasts the third highest gay male population, coming in just behind San Francisco and Seattle. 80 percent of residents reported being sexually satisfied in a survey conducted by, yes, Trojan. And according to an interactive map created by PornMD, guys in the ATL like their porn raunchy.

Among the city’s top 10 most commonly searched terms were “creampie” and “hentai” (otherwise known as Japanese cartoon porn). Only in Hotlanta can a person catch a porno in a public movie theater before heading down to the local all-nude male strip club for a lap dance. The city also has several gay bars, sex clubs, and even a few bath houses. You know, where you can “shower off” after your filthy night on the town.



When it comes to kink, Chi-town has it covered. The city enjoys the unique distinction of hosting both the International Mr. Leather competition every Memorial Day Weekend and the Mr. International Rubber competition in November. Chicago also hosts Shibaricon, an international rope bondage conference, and Kinky College, a weekend-long “Pansexual BDSM Institute of Higher Yearning,” which allows participants to earn their masters degree in all things kink. All of that is in addition to the leather bars, dirty bookstores, and the Leather Archives and Museum, which is devoted to leather, BDSM, and alternative sexualities.

When we said Chi-town has kink covered, we weren’t kidding.


San Francisco

Of course, how could we not include San Francisco on our list of kinky cities? According to a 2011 study, the city by the bay is one of the sluttiest in the nation, with residents reportedly averaging 30 sexual partners per person per year. From the Folsom Street Fair to the Dore Alley Festival, San Francisco has never been shy about showing its raunchy side. It’s also home to Mr. S Leather, the premier retailer in BDSM gear, as well as the infamous Armory, the 200,000 square-foot porn studio/dungeon/erotic arts complex.

Then there are the gay bars, the circuit parties, the sex clubs, the adult theaters, and the strip clubs. Oh, and did we mention that Craigslist, the internet’s original online cruising destination for gay men, is headquartered there?



Last, but certainly not least, there’s Indianapolis. Now, we know what you’re thinking: IndianapolisReally? And the answer: Yes, yes — oh, baby — yes! Don’t let the wholesome, Midwestern vibes fool you. According to Time magazine, Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in the entire country. The magazine factored in everything from condom sales to sex toys sales and declared Circle City #1 on its best sex list published earlier this summer.

But get this: It’s not the first time Indianapolis has made the cut. It also held the top ranking in 2008. “Every year, the field of drivers in the Indianapolis 500 burns through a ton of rubber, but then so do the locals — Indy’s condom sales are 16th highest in the country, according to A.C. Nielsen data,” the magazine wrote. So there you have it, fellas. Wanna get laid? Go to Indianapolis.

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BONUS: Hurley, Wisconsin

With a total land area of less than four square miles, Hurley, WI is more of a town than a city, but we thought we’d include it on our list anyway simply because it has the most strip clubs per capita than any other place in the country. The small logging community boasts 1,547 residents and six strip clubs (none of them gay, unfortunately), which breaks down to one strip club for every 238 residents. Impressive, no?

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