PHOTOS: Stoli Guys Dallas Drops Jaws And Trow


The race was tight and the underwear even tighter at Stoli Guy Dallas.  The evening’s event at S4 was packed wall to wall, with finalists showing off their talents, their smarts, and their goods. Contestant Kevin R claimed the title by one point with his hula-hooping  and interview answer that entailed giving hostess Cassie Nova a full body rub down along with some booty shaking poses.

Be sure to cast your vote starting August 25th for who should claim the national title and catch the finale in New York City on September 19th. Until then though, feel free to indulge in all the pictures from Dallas and other Stoli Guy events in our online galleries.

Photos credit Mary Szefcyk


Host Partik with Stoli Guy Finalists


Stoli Guy Dallas winner Kevin R

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  • Bigun

    Who edits this site? Awful headline….geez.

    Fact…..Stoli is still Russian owned….even though the
    offices and production facility are not in Russia.

  • etseq

    Judas – selling your gay soul for 30 shekels from Russian homophobes. Shame on you!!

  • Bill G

    Fact: no it’s not. It’s owned by a former Russian who was kicked out of Russia by this same miserable goverment…

  • Joe Dalmas

    Aren’t we supposed to be boycotting all things Russian?

  • DW

    Tired of all the paid “news” coverage of Stoli propaganda. It’s insulting that they think they can buy off the gay community from political protest with pretty pictures.

  • Anonymous

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