• Stephen

    This guy is a Sean Cody “model”

  • Stephen

    By this guy, I mean photo #3

  • Louis

    Wow…way to really focus on everyone doing the race…lame

  • Kyle

    Are all the guys porn stars or only just Sean Cody’s Brandon? 🙂

  • MrRedKB

    So, like 10 people were in this race?

  • LameRe-Promo

    I was in that race and those first photos were the promo shots prior to registration. No even got anywhere near that muddy.

  • Jeff Manning

    This isn’t NY, there is a palmetto in #9.

  • Brian Chen

    These pictures are all fake. Not in NYC and of just models. Good work gaycities!

  • Peter

    The guy in photos 2, 3 and 4 (and others) is Sean Cody’s “Brandon.” Does this look iike fun!

  • Matthew

    sure does!!!

  • J

    Wow, I wish I was in shape enough to do this 5k obstacle course. But, alas, all I can do is watch and yell from the sidelines….. Is this a real event, or just a promo for the cities?

  • Sam

    This LGBT fundraiser race was organized at several locations around the country on Facebook. Sean Cody’s hottie Brandon is the only barebacking model competing somewhere in nearby Ohio.

  • BlogZilla

    Doesn’t look anything like New York..