PHOTOS: The 10 Best Nude Beaches In The World

(Provincetown’s Herring Cove Beach)

Last week, we could almost smell the ocean salt and bronzer here at the GayCities offices as we compiled a list of the 10 best gay beaches in the world. But we carefully  tiptoed around clothing-optional destinations.

Then we realized stripping down to your birthday suit in public isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially if you got the package to deliver. Besides some of the best gay beaches encourage locals and travelers alike to bare it all. So we decided to bare it all ourselves this time with the world’s ten best nude gay beaches.

The photos are fairly SFW, but proceed with caution if your cubiclemate might swoon at the site of some side-butt. And if we missed your favorite naturalist oasis, drop us a line in the comments section.

Click through to see the scorching hot list of 10 best nude beaches.

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UP FIRST: Black’s Beach in San Diego


  • John S.

    the legions of men who have received expensive fines and/or been hauled in handcuffs up to federal court in Boston, since Herring Cove is a federal beach, would not agree that Park Service rangers “look the other way.”

  • Weaver0322

    Pick an American site- I want the sun-block application franchise.

  • Stevenaked

    the word is naturist not naturalist.  

  • CH

    ummmmm no where in the Med?  try Skiathos  – little banana… the whole of mykinos, south of France, Italy, Denmark, North Germany….   lol obviously this is a USA based site that rarley gets to travel lol

  • JayNYC

    Unbelievable to leave out the Playa del Muerto in Sitges, Spain. The beach is beautiful (if a bit rocky) and secluded, but with decent services (snack bar and chair/umbrella rental). And the forest on the other side of the train tracks is truly enchanted.

  • Claes Dahl

    Most nude beaches in southern europe would beat the american “hidden” nude beaches with miles!! This list Should have been named Best Nudist beaches Outside Europe!!

  • CH

    lol not to forget Playa d’  in the party town that is Gran Canaria!!!!!  lol americans may have nuice beaches but certainly not 7 of the top 10 in the world !!! lol

  • Adventur

    Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard MA

  • Marqus Ristau

    Having hit them all, my top pick would be Haulover.

  • Timplatts

    If you only list one beach in Canada it should be Wreck Beach in Vancouver. Nice beach and the gay area can be very cruisey.

  • Johnnyomd

    I have to agree, there is a strong American bias here. Ibiza and Mykonos and even Barcelona & Canary islands nude beaches are WAY better than the US beaches. I’m sure there are lots of others especially in Europe that I haven’t been to…

  • 2-tails

    Just got back from Ibiza, Spain: Chiringay Beach is awesome! Beautiful everything with bar and food service!

  • Brimi62

    I agree and Little Beach in Maui

  • Carranza7111099

    i just came from there, and i wont see any nude pic in province town.

  • Jcf3612

    Please listen to John. Herring Cove is on Federal land, and the Park Rangers have been heavily involved in entrapment, and very active ticketing. Be very aware that you run a very high risk for any nudity and any public sex at Herring Cove. I have been coming here for twenty years. It is no longer what it was years ago at this beach.

  • tonyc

    Lived in Provincetown,visi for 10 years before that, 1979..Herring Cove:you greet the Lesbians first because that’s their part of the sand, I have seen police on HORSEBACK give tickets out for just the tops of the women being off, not all do it and then you move further along the coast and eventually hit the Gay Men’s section…and this beach is super ROCKY, THE ROCKS are small and some can walk on it..but water shoes are the thing I used to use..and that ocean water,if this matters to you, does not warm up till August and then it hits 60degrees or higher..the water is cold! ok: two beaches in Ptown demand a little work…one is RACE POINT, is’s right by the airport,has a small parking lot so take your bike and it’s10-15 mins on the road from Herring Cove..the next beach takes a bit of hiking and that’s to see the Dune Shacks(if they are still open??)’s stunning and pure, no ones been there and you get that feeling..the dune trips take you close but not near…I know the Dune Shacks have been closed down for safety reasons?? and used to be a free place..long story, Google it



  • Rui Silva


    I tend to agree that there seems to be more US beaches in this list that one would expect to find in a list of the world top 10 gay nude beaches.

    What is really surprising is to see Lisbon’s Gay beach (Beach 19) on this list. The beach is indeed fantastic, but it’s not very known outside Portugal, which is a pitty.

    Beach 19 is located in a nature reserve and therefore there are no buildings or anything like that around it, just miles of un-spoilt nature including dunes, bushes and pine-tree forest. The weather is warm and the combination of sun, sea, heat, naked guys and cruising is perfect. There is also a bar/restaurant.

    Besides beach 19, Lisbon has a bars, clubs and saunas. Right next to Spain, but often overlooked by most travelers lies Portugal. Lisbon, which is Portugal’s capital is only 1 hour from Madrid (by plane) and served by several low-cost airlines. Recently, Lisbon gay scene has grown a lot and it now includes loads of bars, several clubs and saunas and parties all throughout the year. Lisbon is by the coast and the city also offers a naturist gay beach located in a Nature Reserve. Drinks/food/accomodation are cheap and the people are friendly.

    With all of this together, Lisbon is now a very nice destination for a “gay-holiday”. With the amount of venues and events, I have felt the need for an online resource that could offer a complete and comprehensive gay guide on lisbon and therefore – – was born.

    Have a look and if you enjoy come and try Lisbon. You’ll enjoy it for sure!


  • wander

    title should say “best nude beaches in the AMERICAs (with a few non american exceptions). there is a world outside the americas!

  • Nikki Hatch

    I love Haulover Beach in North Miami.

  • Sergio

    As usual, only english speaking beaches (a part the one in portugal). You guys didn’t mention all the gorgeous beaches in Europe…

  • nguyen koksuk

    this list is bullshit: none of the world’s top ten beaches, nude or otherwise, are in new jersey.

  • Allan

    Not an expert, but no way: much too much emphasis on American beaches! Why don’t you try again, guys? I’m sure you’d find somebody willing to try out a lot more than these!

  • Deklan Martin

    What a joke, typical self-centred American crap that ignores the fact that the USA is NOT the centre of the world… I could name lots of beaches in various countries that are truly great nude beaches.

  • erikman

    I thought it was in the “Best Nude beaches in the world” NOT America…Oh right Americans think they are the world……I just got back from California and OMG what a FAT FAT country you have so i cant see going to any of your nude beaches come to Spain where we are fit healthy and have great nude beaches

  • leokingss

    Sorry, but to whoever wrote this article, need to get out of America a little more. Algarve, Caparica, Cap D’arg, many other places in France, Spain, Greece, would beat those average nude beaches in America… Just saying..

  • Kingss

    Yep, but most American thinks that US is heaven, and they forget to explore the world..

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