Gay Couples Climb New Heights In NYC As Empire State Building Hosts First Same-Sex Weddings

It might seem a little cheesy to get married atop the Empire State Building but, for two gay couples, the sky-high ceremony had special significance. The ESB has long hosted a select number of wedding celebrations on Valentine’s Day but this year marked the first time same-sex couples were invited to participate, after marriage equality was legalized in New York last June.

Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur of Alaska and  New Yorkers Shawn Klein and Phil Fung (above) were the lucky lovers who were able to have a Sleepless in Seattle moment on the most romantic day of the year.

“It was love at first sight,” Fung told Reuters. “We have been talking about getting married now that gay marriage was passed in New York state and friends of ours told us about the contest.”

It’s wonderful gays and lesbians can participate in this annual event, but we hope everyone was careful where they threw the bouquet.