MILK: Sean Penn & Emile Hirsch

While we know we are a gay travel blog, we continue to be amazed at the transformation of San Francisco’s Castro District for the filming of Gus Vant Sant’s MILK. The crew has now taken over two whole blocks of the Castro and fills the streets with over 50 period cars.

We caught a glimpse of filming today in a scene with Sean Penn (as Milk) and Emile Hirsch (as gay activist Cleve Jones). The street was filled with costumed extras and huge crowds trying to get a peek at the action.

Sean Penn & Emile Hirsch
Sean Penn (his back) & Emile Hirsch rehearse their scene

Emile Hirsch (with the curly hair) & Extras filming a scene with Sean Penn’s Milk

Gus Van Sant
Gus Van Sant sizes up a shot

MILK: Harvey's Camera Shop
Gus Van Sant & Crew member sit in front of Harvey’s Camera Shop

MILK Film Crew
Film crew sets up

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