More MILK Pictures

The transformation of the Castro District in San Francisco is coming to a head as filming begins tomorrow for Gus Van Sant’s MILK.

Most of the store fronts near Harvey’s Camera Shop have gotten new signage. And another has closed for the filming turning itself into the liquor store it was years ago.

Inside Harvey's Camera Shop
Harvey’s Camera Shop. Notice the large photo of how it used to look on the counter, and behind it the dutiful recreation of everything down to the film boxes.

From credit crunch to a new groove
From mortgages to a new groove

Thai becomes Chinese
Chinese Food, then Thai, now Chinese again?

New Exterior for Swirl
Swirl, our local wine bar gets a massive renovation,

Interior:  Swirl on Castro
Interior at Swirl gets a massive makeover

  • Our friend Ray at Castro Shopper has more great photos, including the boarding up of the eyeglass store to make it look like a garage.
  • More pictures on our flickr stream
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