The Lovable Queen of Mean: Lisa Lampanelli

There is no one funnier than Lisa Lampanelli. On this episode of GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition, you don’t have to be gay to laugh out loud at her act.

Lisa talks about the recent roast of Donald Trump, as well as her thoughts on The Situation, Star Jones’ nugget, Charlie Sheen, how the gays put dinner on her table even though she hates us, her love of chocolate, on being Mrs. Jimmy Big Balls, all about her new Comedy Central special, who she thinks NEEDS to be roasted in Hollywood and much, much more. She even plays our brand new game: The 60 Second Hoe Down!

The episode also features:

  • Dale’s 30th birthday
  • Herpy the Love Bug
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s millions
  • The gay dude running for president
  • Richard Simmons’ safety video for Air New Zealand
  • Lindsay is dropping the Lohan

Episode 127 is called The Lovable Queen of Mean. You can stream or download the audio from that picture below, get the audio episode free from iTunes, or stream it with the free Stitcher Radio app. Oh, and we now have an Android app, too.

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