What makes a great review (aka Our Review Guidelines)

Great reviews are what GayCities is all about. We want all the reviews here to help visitors decide where to go and where to stay, so we look at every review that's posted to make sure it lives up to our high standards. Here are some simple guidelines for writing a review that we'll approve and some things that'll make us say no.

A Good Review

The kind of review we love...

  • Three to five sentences - Short is sweet, but tell enough so we learn something
  • It's what you'd tell a friend - if a friend asked about the place, what would you tell them?
  • Be specific - what's the crowd like, the music, the atmosphere?
  • Why not? - if its a place you didn't like, tell us why
  • It's real - Be yourself. Nothing fancy, just be honest

A bad review

We don't love these...

  • Lacking specifics - "it's bad" or "it's great" isn't enough, tell us why
  • You've never been there? - then how can you review it?
  • Dissing people who work there - let's not get personal
  • Fakin' it - if you work there, don't post here without saying so
  • Single reviews - we never pass up a good review, but we are more likely to approve it if you posted more than one review

And, of course, we look at each review and choose whether or not to approve it based on its own merits. As we learn more, we'll keep updating these guidelines and if you have an opinion, contact us and let us know.