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  • RodB
    RodB reviewed FRIENDS 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Great place to dance in Old Town Prague!

  • BathHouseBob
    BathHouseBob reviewed ACI, Alternative Club 5 months ago
    Loves it

    This place is tough to review. On the one hand it is a dive. Summer heat makes the place almost unbearable with the general lack of A/C. The shower and steam room area smell like they havne’t been cleaned since before Anderson Cooper was a silver fox. Oddly enogught the back bathroom has appeared to be clean each time I’ve visited this place. Pro’s - Usually at least a few hot and well hung guys. Wide mix of different ethnicities and ages. Hot military guys find their way in here from time to time making it interesting. Plenty of open play space make it unnecessary to rent a room. They have a public sling room and a room with a slurp ramp. Con’s - The place is filthy and in disrepair. Too much “bunk room” space - a maze area with glory holes would be a welcome replacement for some of the shabby old beds. Old trolls can be pushy and might need a gentle push to convince them “no men’s NO”. Prices seem high for the condition of the club and lack of amenities (no pool, no hot tub), and lack of A/C. But with no other bathhouse in San Antonio, and not even competition in Austin, their monopoly allows them to charge more than they should. No specialty rooms - no private video rooms, no private sling or fuck bench room. Staff can be crabby and play crappy music, killing the mood. Some comments online argue “this isn’t a bathhouse” but the first thing they tell you when you ‘join’ is the rules inclining no water sports, no scat, and no means no. I’ve honetstly had fun here since moving to San Antonio and it beats not having any place like this. But if you moved this club to almost any other major city it wouldn’t be able to compete.

  • dreddish
    dreddish reviewed Miku Sushi 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Awesome upscale venue for a fine mix of traditional and cutting-edge sushi. Miku offers an extensive menu of items to fit with taste and dietary needs. The restaurant also offers a special lunch tasting that comes with a mix of sushi and other Japanese fusion entrees, great for experiencing the overall flavor of the venue. Outstanding service, trendy design and a close proximity to Union Station make it great for lunch or dinner.

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