PHOTOS: AIDS/LifeCyclers Celebrate LA Pride

Jun 09, 2014


As quickly as it started, AIDS/LifeCycle (ALC) came to an end–54-miles later. Cyclists rolled into Los Angeles and right onto Pride. With a record breaking $15 million raised for HIV/AIDS services in California, participants were in a celebratory mood.

And what better party on the other end of the finish line than LA Pride?

Scroll through some highlights of the ride to the finish…

GTL_1798ALC - Day One-2035 ALC - Day One-2209 ALC - Day One-2297 ALC - Day One-2351 ALC - Day One-2374 ALC - Day One-2788 ALC - Day One-2897 ALC - Day Zero-58 GTL_1712 GTL_1721 GTL_1731  GTL_1804 GTL_1850 GTL_1888 GTL_1944 GTL_1961 GTL_2030 GTL_2058  GTL_2178 GTL_2198 GTL_2223

Authored by David Duran

Photos credit: Georg Lester

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  3. Greg

    What a nice thing to see in between drama on here.

    Way to go cyclists!

  4. Ron Lisell

    Riders: Thank you! This is what our community is about. Support. Heres to next year, may your raise double the money and have 2x the fun

  5. rider 3620

    Um…545 miles later! If it was just 54 miles, my body wouldn’t feel like this. 🙂