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  • Ziegfield's/Secrets Southeast, Washington
  • The Crew Club Dupont, Washington
  • Sansom Street Gym Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia
  • The Club Houston Houston


  • zizland
    zizland reviewed The Club Houston Over a year ago
    Loves it

    what you'd hope for in a club...
    no place is perfect, but this place is pretty good. being a former local, there are some things to keep in mind. the place rocks on half price nights (check on website - but it used to be wed and tues). best times for those nights is after work until about 8 or 9pm. fri and sat nights are also busy starting at about 1am. sunday afternoons are also a good time as well - often accompanied by a buffet (once again, check the website). the place has a great mix of public and semi-private spaces. there are some booths with glory holes that get a surprising amount of action. big porn room. sauna usually gets a lot of action. the only public place i've never seen busy is the outdoor "dark room." the deluxe rooms are quite large and the regular sized rooms are perfectly fine - although a few are a bit small and located in funky locations. gym is huge. pool is great and houston's weather makes it usable most of the year. overall a great place to have some fun. just make sure you pick a good night. the parking lot makes it easy to tell quickly. but if you're there, you're probably horny and heading in anyway...

  • zizland
    zizland reviewed Ziegfield's/Secrets Over a year ago
    Loves it

    what's not to love?
    great place. a lot of fun. chock full of strippers. and should be there. it's funny to be in a place where there are men dressed as women right next to men dressed in nothing. unless you count socks. fun to dance so close to the strippers. a bit odd at first, but you get used to it real fast. ;) music isn't bad. and i've never had a hard time bringing my female friends with me. i wonder if the doorman just assumed they were drag queens.. come to think of it, they are kinda mannish...

  • zizland
    zizland reviewed The Crew Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    i always expect to like this place more than i do...
    this place is more like a men's lounge than a sex club - there aren't too many public places to have some fun. the only public area is the steam sauna and that can get kinda hot. temperature-wise. other than that, it's pick up a cutie and go to your room. no dark room, no glory holes, no porn room where you can play. and for a sex club that's a problem. the large rooms are decent sized. no rooms with tv's. the small rooms are tiny - better save your money and get a locker. entrance is a bit pricey. so overall, not my first choice. but, unfortunately, not a lot of options in this city.

  • zizland
    zizland reviewed Sansom Street Gym Over a year ago
    Hates it

    pro's and con's
    an interesting place with a lot of potential. and therein lies the problem - it's all potential for now. last time i went i chatted with the front desk folks. very friendly, very informative. here's what i learned... the new management is working hard to make the place a success. the owner has other properties and knows how to run the business. the biggest challenge is location, location, location - this place isn't near the bars. so unless you are planning on cumming (sic) here, you probably won't be here. most guys who are looking for sex go to the cinema next door (owned by the same person). in and out and you get what you need. this place - everytime i've gone - has been empty. plus, since it's big, that makes it feel even worse. my friend did tell me that party nights (listed on the website) are a big hit and well attended. but normal nights may have 10 guys. 30 max. and if you haven't been here, 30 is not enough to make this place feel busy. so, here are the pro's and con's. pro's: -- clean and nicely laid out. -- lots of play areas con's: -- no one there i'd be interested in hearing if other guys have had other experiences or if the place has picked up. it'd be shame to see this place go out of business - the other club in town is a bit skanky.