Ollie Pangan, 36M. Hey! I think i`m a pretty sorted guy, with a good sense of humor! My passion in life is to succeed, to win and to try everything at least once! "It is a truth universally acknowledged that the moment one area of your life starts going ok, another will turn into a total disaster!" --that's why i am here patch up the shit that hits the fan I like travelling around and spend no time at home! I love my holidays and weekends away! ;-) I like chatting to guys (and girls) who have similar interests and a similar outlook on life to me! I can always be found in a shop, a bar, a club, a restaurant or (unfortunately) at work! I love my job, and it forms part of my life which i don`t leave at work! My job enables me to travel around a lot which is great! My life is fast paced, exciting and invigorating.. can you keep up?

Doha, Qatar
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