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    I had been to the other steam/bath house in Portland once and thought I would try out Hawks. I like them both but I have say the staff at Hawks are exceptional. Although I really didn't find what I was looking for (not that there weren't some real hot guys) I still enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm just a little afraid to make forward advances. I wish they allowed a six pack of beer to be brought in, it would give me a little more courage. But I get why they don't allow it. I also wish they maybe had a (no towel rule), use of towels available for drying off but otherwise uncovered. I think that might get the blood flowing a little sooner. I was there 3 hours before I even seen a cock. Just towels walking in circles for a long time. Being from small town Wyoming its culture shock to me. And I know I need to be more outspoken about what I'm in to. It would probably get me more action. I would suggest a bulletin board where maybe guys could post there deepest desires with their room # or meeting spot in the facility. It might be an ice breaker. But I for one will definitely return.