william lyons, 61M. single after being hitched for most of my adult life. Enjoying meeting new people and making friends all over the world. Also a flag dancer, where and when the mood strikes.

Oakland, California
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  • City of Quebec Central, London
  • Leon (Soho) Soho, London
  • Brunswick House (at LASSCO) Vauxhall, London



  • willwjl
    willwjl reviewed City of Quebec Over a year ago
    Hates it

    At 53 I was one of the few youngest there.
    My GPS didn't locate the place well. The French waiter bartender was snippy. Surprised? not at all. the other bartenders were sweet and flirty. Lots of guys lurking about, young and old in an old-style gay kind of way. Made me think of the pet shop boys song: To Speak Is a Sin. Old habits die hard, eh? But did get chatting w some friendly gents and they gave me tips on more suitable places for me to hang out in soho. Worth a look, in any case. I'd go again.

  • willwjl
    willwjl reviewed Leon (Soho) Over a year ago
    Hates it

    they forgot about my order...
    Took a while ordering at the counter. Instantly brought me my spiked lemonade w very little ice. I waited nearly 30 minutes for my 'fast food' salad that came in a box. Luckily, they apologized after I asked about my order. And brought me another complimentary cocktail. The street view was fun. The food good. Cheap prices. They may have to rethink how they seat and serve people, however...don't call yourself fast if the lines of communication keep breaking.

  • willwjl
    willwjl reviewed Brunswick House (at LASSCO) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    enjoyable place if somewhat full of itself
    slightly uppity staff for a place filled with junk/cast offs. My duck leg was scrumptious. Prices reasonable. I'd give it a 4.5 if it wasn't for the staff