Willie Butler, 71M. I am a African American male 64 y,o, retired , enjoy camping at gay campsites, traveling by many trains world wide, I am a husky bear type build, a big model railroad H-O, scale buff a train buff, I enjoy ocean travel, enjoy working out and swimming at the gym , enjoying driving my Diesel Ford Excursion 4X4. Enjoy outdoor grilling on my bar-b-q grill, loves the outdoors and going to the nude beach at the gay section at Sandy Hook, N.J. I love White and Latino men especially.

, New York
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  • Duluth Family Sauna Duluth


  • willie.butler.750
    willie.butler.750 reviewed Duluth Family Sauna Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Don't complain about the Duluth Family Sunda.
    At least guys are still lucky to have a place like this. Us guys in New York City have nothing . And we live in the biggest city of the U.S.A. So don't complain and enjoy the place.