Kate Brown, 40F. Kate from USA in Ohio but training to becomes a lawyer in further and am here with passionate love and care and trust furthers with caring honest faithful humbles and am now in general law lawyer course at Freda nation national law training collage at Ghana now and am 30yrs old with no kids and am thanks God that when l get the man who love me l will have all that with him for him.... and am God fearing person with good habit and good in love making and sex doing am much good and excited to have u as much .............. am so excited that that man should have a good love understand and open mind here Am here looking for so great honest and open mind man with great love and passion and caring and humble man....and man who is good and God fearing person....with care and can take good care of me and love me and sex me and makes me feel like a woman and l need great compassion at well from him .... and Dislikes l like a my man to be dishonest and dis faithful caring and lies and womanizer and am dislikes all that l don't like my man to be share with any other person here and okey and l likes swimming playing of tennis reading cooking and makes my man love sex and oral and annal sex as well l can give my man a doggle style and taking a a walk together and share bed as well and u

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