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  • The Muse Hotel Lumpini, Bangkok
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    wereonlymakingplans.fornigel reviewed The Muse Hotel Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Who's kidding who?
    Bangkok has some really good hotels. A few are really excellent in fact and terrific value. The Muse is not one of them. No help with luggage, 40 minutes from arrival to actually getting to the room with a 5 pm check in. A hotel that ticks boxes but few ofthe amenities are functional - tiny pool, sauna that's switched off, wifi that's slower than using data roaming on a mobile. We paid 16000 b for a night in a dirty room with bland, unseasoned food at Medici. Left feeling mugged - noone offerd to help with luggage on departure. The online PR guys have done a great job getting this placed "noticed". The reality is shockingly different. Similar money puts you in a suite at the Four Seasons, Peninsula, Sukhothai and a host of genuine intrernational brand leading hotels.